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Organize Medicine Cabinet

Your bathroom medicine cabinet holds a lot of items that you need quick and easy access to. However, because of its small size, you have to determine which necessities belong in the cabinet and which need to be stored elsewhere. How do you decide what makes the cut?

The following pointers on organizing your medicine cabinet can help you answer this question so that your bathroom doesn’t become a hotbed of clutter

What to Have in Your Medicine Cabinet

Not everything belongs in your bathroom medicine cabinet. The more you try to cram in there, the more cluttered it will become. Think about what you need on a daily basis and what can be stored in another place.

For example, the contacts, case and solution you’re using now can be kept in the medicine cabinet. Backups of these items should be stored somewhere else — such as on a shelf or in the cabinet under the sink — as should other things you don’t use every day, like travel-sized toiletries or spare tubes of lip balm.

Some other items you might need on a regular basis include tweezers, makeup and remover, shaving cream, razors, dental floss and mouthwash. It really just depends on your routine and lifestyle.To learn how to organize many of the items that don’t belong in your bathroom medicine cabinet, take a look at this post:

Keep Your Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Cleaned Out

To keep your medicine cabinet at the peak of functionality, you need to make sure it’s not becoming filled with clutter. For the most part, this is easy and all you have to do is be sure you toss out or recycle containers as soon as you empty them or don’t need them any longer. Otherwise, your bathroom medicine cabinet will become a jumbled storehouse of empty moisturizer bottles, contact lens packets and dried-up tubes of mascara.

In addition, make it a point to check all the labels in your medicine cabinet every three to six months and purge anything that’s gone bad. After all, makeup

Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet Like A Pro

Clutter is still a possibility even if you limit the number of items in your bathroom medicine cabinet. This is especially true if you have to share that precious real estate with other people. Here are some easy ways to create a little more space:
  • Add extra shelves to increase storage.
  • Invest in a small makeup caddy to hold brushes or cosmetics you use regularly. You can also use one to organize first-aid supplies, like bandages, antibiotic ointment or alcohol swabs.
  • Place strong adhesive magnetic strips on the inside door of the bathroom medicine cabinet. Use this for items like tweezers, bobby pins and cuticle scissors.
  • Pour items like face wash, toner, moisturizer or sunscreen into small travel-sized bottles to make more room in your cabinet. Stash the larger containers under the sink.
Organizing the medicine cabinet is one of those tasks that we just don’t think about, but it really can make a huge difference in terms of tidiness and productivity. Take some time and get your bathroom medicine cabinet sorted today!

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