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How to Get Inexpensive Interior Home Designs

Back in the mid- to late-2000s, many design products were sold exclusively to the trade, and service pricing wasn’t easily accessible information. Now, over a decade later, retailers and search engines are lifting the veil of closely guarded trade secrets and making interior design a much more inclusive experience. As a result, your budget doesn’t determine whether you get a magazine-worthy home. Various skilled designers can bring your vision to life at a fraction of the cost—you just have to know where to look.

Fortunately, our team at Merry Maids® did some research to help you find a style expert with your favorite furniture store or a freelance designer who can see the potential in your space.

Hire an Online Freelance Designer

The world is steadily changing, and the workforce looks much different from even a decade ago. Many major companies are looking to hire freelance work over full-time employees. CNBC’s Small Business Playbook reports that one-third of the American workforce comprises freelancers who contribute $1.2 trillion to the economy.

The good news is, you don’t have to be a corporation or even a small business to hire a freelancer to help you add some style to your home. There are various websites where you can hire a freelance interior designer to render designs based on images you provide or work directly with you to create the home of your dreams.


You’ll find sites like Fiverr are hotbeds of talented individuals vying for your business. The brand asserts that you can find a freelancer in under five minutes for an unbeatable value.

The price: Varies per hour rates depending on the designer

The perks: Not only can you find an interior designer to support your style creation, but you can also hire designers to develop renderings to help you visualize your space. There are no packages or plans, just the freelancer’s hourly or per-project rate, and you can see how highly rated there are based on client reviews.


Upwork favors Fiverr in terms of the comprehensive freelancer database and gig-based projects you can hire for. With Upwork, you can find freelance interior designers worldwide and see the specific projects they’ve completed that match your needs.

The price: Varies per hour rates depending on the designer

The perks: You get your pick of any freelancer regardless of your location or theirs. Additionally, you can see hourly or per-project prices for each interior designer, how much money they’ve made as an Upwork contributor, and examples of their work.

Use Flat-Rate Fee Online Services

Like freelance gig websites, you can find an independent interior designer using a proven and highly popular flat-rate fee service. Several online-only interior design services have emerged in the past few years and made getting a well-designed room or entire home within reach for those on a budget.


With Havenly, you can get mood board-esque inspiration, or collaborate with a designer to reimagine your favorite space or start with a blank slate. Either way, you get expert assistance from

The price: $79 per room Havenly Mini package or $129 per room Havenly Full package

The perks: No in-home consultations, so your interior designer can assist you conveniently online. You get your pick of two design tiers: a $79 package (that comes with a custom concept/mood boards, furniture and style suggestions, and a purchasing service) and a $129 package (that includes a final room layout and furniture placement recommendations from your designer). Both of these packages allow you to choose your interior designer based on a multi-question assessment that helps determine your style.


Modsy is very similar to Havenly in that you get to choose between various packages based on your design needs. Hailed as a brand that stands above the rest, Modsy gives potential customers a chance to receive 3D renderings of up to eight room images uploaded to the site.

The price: $150 Premium package, $299 Multi-Room package, or $499 Luxe package

The perks: One of the great things about Modsy is that, according to the website, if you’re not happy with your final design, you get a refund. Many of the other flat-fee design services don’t expressly state that you can get your money back if you’re not happy with the designs presented. You can also expect your draft designs to be delivered to you within eight business days.

Enlist the Help of Your Fave Furniture Retailer

Furniture showrooms are a great place to find some inspiration when decorating your home. Unfortunately, they don’t always give you a genuine idea of how the future and accessories will look in your specific floorplan. Still, some of your favorite furniture retailers have interior design services

Pottery Barn

As an iconic brand with eight sister brands to accommodate virtually any style, Pottery Barn is a formidable interior design player. The Design Crew features one-on-one design services

The price: Free

The perks: When you work with a Pottery Barn design professional, you can get curated designs using products from its sister brands, Pottery Barn Kids, Pottery Bary Teens, Williams Sonoma, West Elm, Mark & Graham, and Rejuvenation. Plus, they have a partnership with Sherwin-Williams® to help you create the perfect paint pallet for your budget.

Ethan Allen

With no appointment needed and zero obligation to commit to a design, Ethan Allen’s interior design service may just be the style solution for you.

The price: Free

The perks: You get a free consultation, your own interior design team, and custom 3D floor plans to help you visualize the finished product. The only downside is they currently have this service available for South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia residents. However, that doesn’t exclude you from using an Ethan Allen interior design. It might just be a bit more difficult to connect in person.

Get Inspired by Others Online

Rarely does flawless home design come from nowhere. As the saying goes, it takes a village to create the perfect décor! It’s easy to find various places that ignite the flame of inspiration living in the internet age, so why not use every tool in your arsenal to make your home custom and one-of-a-kind.


No one would argue that Pinterest is a great resource when you want to get inspired to conquer anything that comes your way practically.

The price: Free

The perks: With millions of images circulating, you can easily find your décor muse regardless of your style. Maybe you’re into a mid-century modern look with funky pops of colors and warm wood tons? Or do you prefer a minimalist aesthetic with whites, blacks, and clean lines? There are virtually no limits to the kind of inspo images you can find and save for future use.

Regardless of the affordable interior design option you choose, you’ll have a home that suits you to a T and unequivocally screams “me!”

Once you have the aesthetic you deserve, let our team at Merry Maids® support you in cleaning, disinfecting, and organizing your space.

Request an estimate at your hometown location and get started today.