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How to Host a Fantastic Friendsgiving

This is one holiday you won’t find on the calendar, but it is getting more and more popular every year. Friendsgiving shares a lot of similarities with Thanksgiving — friends come together for a large meal near the end of November and talk about what they’re thankful for. But unlike Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving tends to be far more informal.

Over the past few years, Friendsgiving has really taken off. While some people celebrate with friends just before going home for Thanksgiving, others gather with friends in lieu of a meal with family.

Hosting Friendsgiving

Whether it’s your turn to host this year’s Friendsgiving or you’re kicking off the tradition, it’s going to require some prep work on your end.

Go Potluck Style

Friendsgiving is almost always celebrated potluck style, meaning everyone brings at least one dish to share. Just make sure to coordinate with friends first so that no Thanksgiving staple is missing from the table.

Really impress everyone by passing around to-go boxes after dinner. After all, the best part of any holiday is the leftovers!

But the Host Makes the Turkey

Especially if your friends are coming from out of town, transporting a turkey is no easy task. If you’re really not confident in your own culinary skills, ask a friend to come by before the big day and prepare a bird — just remember, that will count as their contribution!

Suggest BYOB when it Comes to Drinks

If your friends like to indulge in a glass or two of wine, asking one person in the group to bring drinks for the entire crowd probably isn’t going to go over well. Instead, ask everyone to bring what they’d like to drink in addition to their dish.

Set The Scene

Friendsgiving may be casual, but it’s still a celebration that deserves more than plastic cups and paper plates. Before everyone stops by, make sure you have plenty of utensils, plates, and cups. And because most people don’t have 10+ serving dishes in their cabinets, don’t hesitate to ask friends to bring serving bowls as well.

Next, it’s time to decorate the table with faux leaves, a table runner, festive napkins, fresh fruit, and anything else that catches your eye!

Does the idea of cleaning up after a dozen of your closest friends have you regretting your decision to host Friendsgiving? We say relax and enjoy your day — leave the cleaning to us!

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