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Organize Kids Snacks

School’s out for summer, which means the kids will be home all day. With all the extra energy they’ll be expending during pool time and other activities, you can bet they’re bound to be hungry.

For some parents, this can be troublesome because they don’t have time to stop and make snacks all day or are at work. At the same time, they don’t want to resort to unhealthy grab-and-go snacks.

Good news! We’ve got some solutions for you. Check out the following tips to pick up some fridge and pantry organizing ideas

Prepping and Pantry Organizing Ideas for Snacking Success

Younger kids aren’t going to understand that healthier foods — like fruits and vegetables — need to be washed before eating. They’re also not going to be able to cut their foods into bite-sized pieces or know what a proper portion size is. Here are some ways to take care of that:
  • Wash all produce as soon as you bring it home. Peel and cut your fruits, vegetables and even cheeses into sizes that are fitting for snacks for kids. Tip:Squeeze lemon juice on apple slices to keep them from browning.
  • Divvy up portions of snacks like popcorn, trail mix or crackers and place them in a small container. (See our snack storage ideas below.)
  • Keep snacks for kids on a specific shelf in the pantry. Make certain it’s easy to reach.
  • Assign each kid a color and then color code their snack containers with a lid or sticker. You could also make this fun by swapping colors for animals or superheroes. This tip ensures everyone gets their fair share and also comes in handing for keeping snacks separate if a child has food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Snack Storage Ideas

Plastic snack bags can be convenient, but they don’t suit everyone’s lifestyle. Good thing there are a variety of more sustainable ways you can store snacks for kids:
  • Opt for wax paper snack bags.
  • DIY your own reusable storage wraps using beeswax, resin and cotton cloth. (There are plenty of instructions and tutorials online.)
  • Stock up on small reusable glass or plastic food storage containers.
  • Use small mason jars to organize kids’ snacks.

How to Organize a Refrigerator for Summer Snacks

Ever come home and found the kids have eaten the cheese you needed to make dinner? Or maybe they were cranky because they couldn’t find their snacks in the fridge? The following can help you avoid tantrums and missing meal ingredients.
  • Know how to organize a refrigerator properly.
  • Color code lids, just as you did with snacks you stored in the pantry.
  • Keep the kids snacks in specific baskets within the fridge. Make sure they understand that an adult’s permission is needed to eat any snacks outside the baskets.
  • Store snack items on a shelf that’s low enough for the younger kids to reach.

Bonus: An Easy Snack to Keep Kids Cool

Most kids love popsicles, but parents might not be thrilled with all the added sugar. Luckily, you can purchase reusable popsicle molds and make your own healthy fruit-filled pops. There are literally hundreds of recipes online, so rest assured you can stock your freezer with some cool and refreshing — yet healthy — popsicles this summer.

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