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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Congratulations! You made it through Mother’s Day with the perfect gift for the lovely lady in your life. Still, it’s time to shift focus to the other important person who helped raise you.  

Are you racking your brain to come up with a gift before June 19 for the guy who practically has it all? With rigorous research (and asking the dads and dads-to-be in our lives), our team has compiled a list of unique Father’s Day gifts for almost any type of dad, from the weekend traveler to the vinyl record lover.  

A Gift for the Dad Who Loves a Clean Home 

Merry Maids Gift Card – Various Amounts 

When you need a gift for the dad who loves things spotless, call on our cleaning professionals to make his home tidier and more organized so that he can enjoy the day. A gift card from Merry Maids is an easy last-minute present dad will really appreciate. 

A Gift for the Grilling Dad 

Cuisinart Deluxe Grill Set with Carrying Case – $36 

How often has dad just chucked large grilling accessories in cabinets or made mom angry by taking up an entire kitchen drawer just for grilling utensils? It’s probably clique for grilling accessories to be the first pick on our list, but what’s different about Cuisinart’s Deluxe Grill Set is the carrying case. Make both mom and dad happy with this stainless steel 20-piece set.  

A Gift for the Expectant Dad 

BumpBoxes – $54.99 

Expectant dads sometimes need help preparing for all the changes a new life will bring. Get a new dad or a dad-to-be a gift box from BumpBoxes with all the useful and hilarious essentials he’ll need. You can’t go wrong with this gift, from a handbook to an “I Heart Daddy” baby onesie.  

A Gift for the Adventure-Driven Dad 

Goetland Stainless Steel Canteen – $24.99 

If you have a dad who loves the great outdoors and needs some new hiking accessories, Goetland’s Stainless Steel Canteen is reminiscent of a WWII military canteen. This retro gift will satisfy your nature- and history-loving papa.  

A Gift for the Relaxed Dad 

BYRIVER Acupressure Foot Massager – $27.99 

Were you hoping to get your dad a massage gift package but realized how expensive they are? Bring the spa home! The dad who’s made relaxing his current profession will love and appreciate this acupressure foot massager from BYRIVER. Help your dad reduce tension and boost circulation for decreased foot pain.   

A Gift for the Health-Conscious Dad 

Sugar Plum Chocolat’s Nut Variety Packs – $34.95 

Is your dad the health-conscious type always counting macros and including healthy snacks into his diet? Keep that good habit going with Sugar Plum Chocolat’s Damn, Man variety pack of nuts. You’ll get six 4-ounce bags with nuts, including almonds, cashews, peanuts, and more.  

A Gift for the Dad Who’s on the Go 

iWALK Mini Portable iPhone Charger – $25.99 

Dads who are constantly on the go or traveling somewhere sometimes neglect the little things like the luxury of a charged phone. Dad won’t have to worry about being out and about with a low battery when he has the iWALK mini portable charger.  

A Gift for the History Buff Dad 

History Vault Subscription – $4.99 per month/$49.99 per year 

Does your dad watch hours of History Channel, learning more about important historical global events? Then you must get him a History Vault subscription to stream hundreds of hours of curated content to keep him intrigued and increase his historical knowledge to regale everyone later.  

A Gift for the Spirits Connoisseur Dad 

Northern Brewer Wine Making Starter Kit – $114.99 

Fans of wine and spirits eventually transition from sampling store-bought wines to making their own. If your dad is on that path, we recommend Northern Brewer’s Wine Making Starter Kit. Whether he prefers Merlot, Moscato, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, etc., there’s a kit for his tastes.  

A Gift for the Cinephile Dad 

HuaKastro Inflatable Movie Screen – $99 

For the ultimate outdoor movie-going experience in the comfort of the backyard, get dad a 14-inch HauKastro’s Inflatable Movie Screen. This gift is perfect for watching movies on a warm evening with the kids, hosting a Super Bowl party in the backyard, or simply vegging out and enjoying a favorite primetime show on weekdays.  

A Gift for the Competitive Gamer Dad 

Havit RGB Headphones Stand – $25.99 

Games have evolved since the days of the pixelated 80s Super Mario Bros. game. Now that video games are more advanced, so is the accompanying equipment. Your video game-loving dad deserves some TLC with the RGB Headphones Stand from Havit that changes colors and has various USB ports to save space.    

A Gift for the Board Game Loving Dad 

Ultra Pro Dad Joke Face-Off – $15.55 

Is your dad the best joke teller? And does he also happen to love board games? Prepare to suppress your laughter while simultaneously cringing when you give dad the Dad Joke Face-Off board game. The game’s objective is to keep from laughing at some of the best and worst jokes your dad has to offer.  

A Gift for the Dad Who Has to Be Prepared 

Rush Deer Multitool Folding Accessory – $21.99 

If you can attest to your pops being the one person who is always prepared, Rush Deer’s multitool accessory will keep him ready for anything. With this gift, your dad will have every tool imaginable in a compact foldable set.  

A Gift for the Dad Who Loves Sauces  

Thoughtfully Gourmet Hot Sauce – $35.99 

Is your dad the kind of guy who would bring his own hot sauce to a restaurant because he’s worried there won’t be any sufficient for his tastes? Help a sauce-lover out by purchasing Thoughtfully’s Gourmet Hot Sauce set! These bad boys are vegan- and vegetarian-approved, so he won’t have to worry about compromising his lifestyle for some spicy goodness.  

A Gift for the Fur Baby Dad 

Crown & Paw Pet Portrait – Starting at $39.95 

Let’s be honest. Now that you’re out of the house, the family’s favorite son or daughter has four legs and does his business in the yard. Because you fully accept this, you know your dad will appreciate a personalized pet portrait from Crown & Paw. Turn dad’s furry friend into a general or a superhero. We promise he’ll love it (or, at least, get a kick out of it).  

A Gift for the Always-On-Time Dad 

Bulova Classic Quartz Men’s Watch – $122 

How else would your dad be on time for every important event in your life without a trusty timepiece? The Classic Quartz Men’s Watch is sophisticated, timeless, and cost-effective. GQ Magazine called it “A corner-office watch with an entry-level price tag,” and we couldn’t agree more.  

A Gift for the Dad Who’s a Culinary Artist 

LEGEND COOKWARE Professional Pots & Pans Set – $249 

Help your culinary master dad level up with a professional-grade cookware set from LEGEND COOKWARE. This collection is crafted with premium metals for longevity and peak performance. Dad will be so happy to have this set, he’ll cook you the best meal you’ve ever had! 

A Gift for the Dad Determined to Make a Hole in One 

Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer – $115 (23% off Original Price) 

Your pops has probably been playing golf for years but has he ever taken the time to analyze his technique? Now he can with the Golf Swing Analyzer. With this handy device, he’ll improve his swing and stroke and be on his way to an eagle in no time.  

A Gift for the Tailgating Dad 

NiceC Folding Tailgating Table – $49.99 

As a professional sports fan, your dad has watched or attended his favorite team’s every game because superstition says the team is doomed if he’s not keeping an eye on the score. Make dad’s sports experience easier with this convenient tailgating table from NiceC.  

Dad Does So Much. Give Him the Gift of a Clean Home. 

Your dad does so much for everyone else; it’s time someone took over the cleaning to give him more time for the things he loves. We have various cleaning and organizational services, and a gift card from Merry Maids could take care of it all.  

Whether your dad is an experienced gift-receiver, or this is the first of many Father’s Days you’ll celebrate, let us help make it one to remember.  

Request a cleaning estimate today or call us at (888) 490-4227 for more details!