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Top 10 Things You Forgot to Clean in the Bathroom

Rare is the person who delights in cleaning the bathroom. However, because it harbors some of the most potentially harmful bacteria and germs in the whole house—E. Coli, staphylococcus, and salmonella, just to name a few—the bathroom needs to be cleaned thoroughly and frequently. Everyone knows the obvious tasks to check off the list: scrub the toilet bowl, wipe down the shower and tub, clean up the sink basin and countertop. But not everyone remembers these 10 often-forgotten places to clean in the bathroom.

While Cleaning the Bathroom, Did You Remember...

...Light Fixtures and the Exhaust Fan?
Combine dust with moisture and heat, plus the occasional misting of hairspray and other personal care products, and you have the recipe for some caked-on grime. Wipe down or dust your bathroom light fixtures and the exhaust fan every time you clean the bathroom to prevent buildup.

...The Shower Curtain and Liner?
Regular exposure to water, soap, shampoo, body scrubs, and even the daily dirt and oil you leave behind in the shower can do a number on your shower curtain and liner. If you have a decorative fabric shower curtain, it should have a tag with care instructions, but most are machine-washable. Read our post about how to clean plastic shower curtains for a rundown of pretreating and washing methods that will leave your plastic curtain squeaky clean and free of soap scum. If you notice mildew on either type of shower curtain, we have tips for removing mildew, too.

...The Walls?
From soapy overspray in the shower to the ultra-fine mist of particles accompanying each toilet flush, the walls in your bathroom often play host to a grimy microfilm buildup. Keep walls fresh and clean by spritzing them with all-purpose cleaner, then running a hot shower for five minutes or so, until the room is steamy. Close the door and let it sit for about 20 minutes, then come back and wipe down walls with a microfiber cloth. (Want to conserve water? Spray down the walls right after you get out of a steamy shower, rather than running it just for this purpose!)

...Light Switches?
High-touch surfaces are commonly called out by experts as the germiest places in a home, and light switches definitely count as high-touch. Wipe down light or fan switches used on the way in or out of the bathroom using an EPA-approved disinfectant to kill germs that could make your or family sick.

...Medicine Cabinet Shelves, Drawers, and Other Storage?
Spilled powders, leaking liquids, stray hair—your medicine cabinet shelves and vanity drawers contain a lot of mess, but they’re often out of sight, out of mind. Add these to your bathroom cleaning routine to keep them clean and clear. Plus, moving each item to clean underneath can help you stay on top of expired products or things to add to your shopping list.

...The Toilet Paper Holder and Towel Bars?
These fixtures are so obvious they become invisible, but they’re also high-touch surfaces in the bathroom. Like walls and light switches, the hardware that holds your towels and toilet paper are prone to collecting germs. Don’t overlook them when cleaning!

...Outside of the Toilet Bowl and Tank?
Scrubbing the inside of the toilet bowl is one of the most obvious tasks on anyone’s bathroom cleaning checklist. The outside of the bowl and the tank, however, often get overlooked. Using disinfectant spray or wipes, clean the entire fixture—including the base, around the connections, and under the seat.

...The Toothbrush Holder, Soap Dish, and Other Containers?
It’s the old paradox: Is soap self-cleaning? Even though you use it to keep yourself clean, the dish or dispenser it sits in can get pretty grimy. The same goes for your toothbrush holder. Give these containers a scrub whenever you clean the sink.

...Sink Overflow Holes?
When you scrub down the sink basin, be sure to get the overflow holes, too. A quick wipe-down just inside this entrance to the overflow drain keeps it free of gunk.

...Faucet Handles and Door Knobs?
Hot and cold water handles, shower controls, drawer pulls, and doorknobs—these spots are high-touch and rarely cleaned. Eliminate dirt, grime, and germs by regularly disinfecting this hardware.

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