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Pre- & Post-Game Day Cleaning Checklists

Comprehensive Cleaning Lists to Help You Prepare for the Big Game

Get ready because the grandest sporting event of the year is nearly here! It's time to level up your cleaning game if you're hosting a viewing party. Why stress over chores when you could be chilling with your pals and soaking in all the excitement? Our team at Merry Maids® is sharing a must-have checklist that will help you conquer the pre- and post-game day clean-up like a pro this year.

Pre-Game Day Cleaning Checklist

A game plan can help you avoid scrambling to get things done once it’s time for kick-off. When thinking about how to host a party for the big game, keep the following checklist in mind.

Clean the TV Screen

As you plan your game day party, remember your TV will be the focal point of the day, second only to your amazing snack spread, of course. Make sure the screen is clean by wiping smudges off with a dry microfiber cloth. If you have surround sound, vacuum the speakers with a dust buster or attachment.

Clean and Organize Your Refrigerator

Clean and organize your fridge a day or two before the big game so that you have room for all the munchies you’ll be preparing and varied drinks. Additionally, clean your stovetop so that it’s ready for food preparation, and clean the countertops in case guests make their way to the kitchen. (They will.) While in the kitchen, go ahead and wash specialty serving dishes or cookware you’ll need for chips, nuts, and your famous buffalo chicken dip.

Clean Your Trashcan

When getting ready for the party, wash out your kitchen trash can and set out an extra trash can in the room where you’ll watch the game. Stock the bottom of the cans with extra liners so that you can easily replace them each time you remove a load of trash.

Clean the Table

Wipe down the table on which you’ll lay out your game-time spread. If you have a special tablecloth for the event, go ahead and put that out, too. You can also set out any paper napkins, plates, and plastic cutlery. Using plastic can dramatically reduce your post-game cleaning.

Dust and Vacuum Common Areas

Make it a point to dust and vacuum common areas during your party planning. Additionally, be certain you have ample seating for guests. As game day snacks can be messy, you may also consider removing decorative throw pillows or investing in an inexpensive slipcover for your couch.

Have an Emergency Clean-Up Kit Ready

Ready an emergency clean-up kit stocked with microfiber cloths, paper towels, and stain removers that you know are safe for your upholstery and surfaces. That way, if anyone spills a beverage, cheese dip, or a condiment, you’ll be ready to spring into action like a defensive lineman.

Thoroughly Clean the Bathroom

With all the libations you’ll provide, your bathroom will likely see some heavy traffic. Make sure the sink and toilet are thoroughly cleaned and lay out plenty of clean hand towels. You’ll also want to ensure plenty of backup toilet paper is available.

Make Room in Coat Closets

Clear space in your closet or mudroom so guests can hang coats, scarves, and purses. If you live in a snowy region, you may also want to set out some inexpensive rubber doormats to collect melting snow from boots.

How to Get Your Home Back to Normal with Post-Game Day Cleaning

Fortunately, cleaning up after your game day party isn’t as intensive as the set-up. This is especially true if some of your guests offer to help. Divvy up the following tasks between members of your championship post-party cleaning team.

  • Pack leftovers into food storage bins to avoid open containers and the chance of mold growth.
  • Empty all the trash cans and recycling bins and replace the bin liners.
  • Wash any casserole dishes, slow cooker pots, or dip trays.
  • Clear abandoned napkins, plastic cutlery, paper plates, and cups.
  • Remove the tablecloth and wipe down the table.
  • Vacuum common areas, as well as the couch and any chairs.

Whether you’re into football or just watching killer commercials and half-time shows, a little game day party planning can help you tackle all the necessary tasks and make your watching experience more enjoyable.

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