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Cleaning Sand From Your House

A beach trip is an excellent way to recharge and relax with the family but cleaning up the sand that gets tracked into your vacation rental isn’t very enjoyable. Make sure you’re spending the day having fun in the sun, rather than swearing at grains of sand, with these quick and easy tips for handling sandy floors.

Shower or Hose Off Sandy Feet First

Hit the outdoor shower on the way in from the beach to wash off sand. Don’t forget to rinse off beach chairs, coolers, toys and your shoes, too! No showers by the shore itself? Many beachside vacation rentals have hoses or showers near their pool areas just for this purpose.

Tub of Water by the Door

Place a shallow tub of water and a towel on the floor just inside the entrance of your rental. As everyone enters, have them dip their sandy feet in the water before stepping onto the towel. Empty and wash the tub once everyone’s done, then refill it each time you leave for the beach.

Keep Shoes Right Inside the Door

One of the best ways to clean sand from floors is to keep it from spreading in the first place. Beach shoes and flip-flops shouldn’t make it past the entryway under any circumstances. Set this rule before you arrive, and you can spend more time enjoying the beach, rather than cleaning it off the floors.

Make Everyone Shower and Change as They Come In

Send everyone straight to the showers when they come in and make sure you have a special basket for sandy bathing suits and towels. If you’ll be heading straight back to the beach, make it a rule that certain areas — like the living room or bedroom — are off-limits in Oceanside attire. Let everyone congregate in the kitchen, dining room or on the balcony so that you can keep sand contained.

Be Beach Smart

What you take to the beach can impact how much sand you bring back to the house with you. For example, wearing flip-flops instead of sneakers could reduce the sand you track into your vacation home. You can also help avoid sandy floors by packing beach toys in mesh bags that you can rinse off and shake out. Another tip: Sit on chairs rather than towels, as they can be hosed down before you bring them inside.

Pack a Hand-Held Vacuum

The best way to clean sand from floors is with a vacuum. Even if you’re trying to pack lightly, do yourself a favor and include your hand-held model. Your rental may only have a broom, which will work to an extent, but won’t be nearly as effective. A small vacuum will allow you to quickly tend to sandy floors around the entryway and in other high-traffic areas.

Know How to Clean Different Type of Floors

The method you use to clean the floor of your vacation home will depend on what materials it is made of. The following instructions may help you better prepare if you’ll be washing a surface you’re unfamiliar with:
When you understand how to prevent the beach from taking over your vacation — and know the best way to clean sand from floors — you’ll be able to spend a lot more time relaxing and can cut down on the cleaning you have to do before you leave.

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