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Seasonal Cleaning

Get Home In Holiday Spirit

The increased number of sweaters in your wardrobe rotation and pumpkin-flavored treats in your pantry signal that fall is officially here. The season is the perfect excuse to break out your autumn decorations in celebration of this fabulous time of year. In addition, family gatherings, dinners and holiday parties mean it’s a great time to show off your clean home.

Take a look at the following fall decorating ideas, as well tips for cleaning your home in preparation for displaying your fall spirit.

Hang Door Wreaths

Autumn-inspired door wreaths are a great way to welcome people to your home, whether they’re coming over for a visit or to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. And the great thing about door wreaths is that you can swap them out as often as you please. You can have one that supports your favorite college football team, another specifically for Thanksgiving or even a wreath decked out in bright autumn leaves. However, you don’t want to hang your beautiful wreath on a dirty door.

Before stringing up door wreaths, clean your door using a mixture consisting of equal parts water and distilled white vinegar. Pour this mixture in a spray bottle. Mist the door and wipe smudges, dirt, fingerprints and scuffs away with a microfiber cloth.

Note: If you have a stone stoop or entryway, you want to be extra careful as vinegar can damage these surfaces.

Line Your Front Porch or Steps with Autumn Decorations

If you’re looking for fall decorating ideas that can light up your front porch or steps, consider fall flowers like mums, which are sold in a variety of bright autumnal shades. Mums look great in simple terracotta pots and can be spiced up with burlap or plaid ribbons. Alternatively, you can bring a splash of color to the front of your home by setting out autumn decorations like gourds and different-sized pumpkins.

Prep your porch for these seasonal delights by making sure the surfaces you’ll adorn are clean. Sweep away any twigs, leaves and dirt that have built up. Additionally, beat the dust out of your welcome mat, or take your autumnal theme a step further and splurge on a festive fall replacement.

Set Out a Cornucopia or Centerpiece

A cornucopia is the traditional Thanksgiving centerpiece, and you can find plenty of DIY tutorials for making your own cornucopia on Pinterest. Other centerpiece ideas include making an arrangement of pinecones and colorful autumn leaves in a decorative bowl or submerging twigs in clear vases filled with water before topping them with floating candles. To add a contemporary edge to your centerpiece, you can use strips of patterned washi tape to make a plaid on small- and medium-sized pumpkins.

Regardless of the fall decorating ideas you use for your centerpiece, you’ll want to be certain your dining table is clean before you deck it out. If there’s a ceiling fan or light fixture above your table, dust that before cleaning the table itself. Then, wipe your tabletop clean with a dry microfiber cloth. For tougher spots like dried jelly or syrup, you can slightly dampen the cloth and apply pressure. Don’t forget to add table leaves if you’re prepping to host Thanksgiving dinner. Once the table is clean, you can set out your autumn decorations and centerpiece.

Make sure your fall decorating ideas don’t go unappreciated by cleaning properly before hanging door wreaths or setting out Thanksgiving centerpieces.