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Organized Garage Fathers Day

The man in your life likely doesn’t need another tie or bottle of cologne for Father’s Day. And while taking him out to dinner would undoubtedly be appreciated, there’s one gift you could give him that would last forever: A clean and organized garage.

Learn how to clean and organize your garage so you can wow him with how much you appreciate all he does. And dads, this is also a gift you could give yourself, so don’t miss out on these tips!

Divide and Conquer

Any good cleaning and organizational project should begin with getting rid of unnecessary clutter. However, you might not know what tools or items see a lot of regular use and you don’t want to accidentally chuck out his great-grandfather’s hammer or his favorite drill bit. Because of this, just get rid of items that are clearly trash, such as wadded up paper towels, cans of paint that have gone bad and so forth.

As for the rest, sort similar items together. For example, place power tools in one area, yard tools in another, sports equipment in a third and so on until everything is grouped in a like manner. In addition, create a catch-all box for anything that isn’t immediately identifiable or able to be categorized into groups. You want to do all of this on tarps or sheets either in your backyard or in one corner of the garage. This way, you’ll have most of the area cleared for cleaning.

Clean the Area

Once everything has been sorted, you're ready to get down and dirty... or down and clean, rather. After all, an organized garage that’s still coated with filth isn’t much of a gift.

Clean any garage windows and wipe down or vacuum the inside of the garage door and walls. The same goes for shelving units. Next, vacuum the floor before washing it with a mixture of dish soap

Do you have sorted piles of tools sitting on sheets in the corner? Wait until the floor dries completely, then slide them to another corner. Now you can clean the area you missed!

Establish Zones

It’s time to start bringing the project together. Since you already have all the tools and items organized by category, you’re way ahead of the game. Find a place in the garage for each group. These will be your zones.

When setting up your zones, be mindful of where and how often each item is used. For instance, holiday decorations

Take on Some Garage Storage DIY Projects

Each of your zones will need to be organized based on what they hold. That means this is an excellent time to put those do-it-yourself skills to work for some garage storage DIY.

Here are some ideas of how you could take your organized garage to the next level:
  • Hang tools on a pegboard. Outline their shapes so there’s no question as to where they should be returned.
  • Clean out small mason jars and use them to sort washers, nails, screws, bolts and more.
  • Create labels for storage boxes or bins so that you always know exactly what’s inside.
  • Hang hooks or pegs on the wall and mount shovels, rakes, bike helmets and more.
The possibilities are limitless, and a quick Internet search will provide you with many more options.

And now you know how to clean and organize your garage to surprise that special someone come Father’s Day!

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