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Spring Cleaning Playlist

Depending on where you live, it may or may not feel quite like springtime yet, but after a long winter spent indoors, it’s definitely the right time to start freshening up your living space with a good spring cleaning. What better way to dust off the humdrum of winter than to kick off your spring cleaning with a few tunes?

To make it even easier to get started we’ve come up with four smart spring cleaning tips along with a Merry Maids-curated Spotify playlist to help get you in the groove.

The Merry Maids Spring Cleaning Playlist

  1. Make sure you have the right tools. If your idea of cleaning involves paper towels, a broom and an old-school mop and bucket, you’re in for a very long, unproductive spring cleaning. A simple rule of thumb to remove dust or dirt: If it’s not microfiber (or a vacuum where it makes sense), you’re going to leave a lot of dirt and debris behind. Microfiber is affordable, machine washable, available online in bulk and can likely be at your doorstep in days…just in time for spring cleaning.
  2. Create your own cleaning solutions. Use elbow grease sparingly. There are easy, homemade solutions that will help loosen grease and grime, so when it’s time to apply some manpower to cleaning, it’s more of a gentle wiping vs. intense scrubbing. For example, lemon can be used to clean your microwave, baking soda and vinegar can remove residue from glass stovetops and bleach can rid shower curtains of mildew.
  3. Involve the family, and make it fun. There’s a lot of different and fun ways to bring the entire family in on spring cleaning, and make it worth their while. Assign each person a task you know they’ll put their all into. Whether it’s organizing, vacuuming or cleaning the baseboards, make it fun. You can turn it into a game, create a music playlist that you can sing and dance to while cleaning, or reward the family with a fun outing once it’s complete.
  4. Treat yourself. If you’ve been cooped up all winter and can’t imagine spending a second more indoors looking at dirty baseboards and dust bunnies, call the professionals and let the local Merry Maids cleaning experts take this task off your to-do list. Merry Maids’ cleaning specialists create home cleaning plans customized for each household’s needs to ensure a consistent, reliable and thorough cleaning every time.

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