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Spring Cleaning with Kids

It’s springtime again! In addition to enjoying the blooming flowers and singing birds, you’re probably itching to give your home a good old-fashioned spring cleaning. Of course, doing deep house cleaning when you have little ones at home can be tricky – especially if the kids start playing in the room you just straightened up.

Our house cleaning experts at Merry Maids® can make sure that your cleaning gets done right, and sets your year off on the right foot. Whether you’re just starting to clean out that spare closet or don’t have any time to get started, we can offer a thorough and personalized clean to supplement any spring cleaning operation.

Over the years, we’ve also picked up a few tips and tricks for getting the spring cleaning done with kids around. Here’s our take on some of the best cleaning hacks a busy parent should know!

Spring Cleaning Hacks for Parents

Embrace the power of teamwork.

Getting your kids to do daily chores can be a daunting enough task, whether it’s telling toddlers to put away toys or asking teens to clean their rooms. Luckily, spring cleaning affords the perfect opportunity to get your kids more involved around the house by turning chores into a team-building event!

For little ones, start by assigning them tiny tasks with a nearby parent to supervise. Mom might be in charge of scouring the bathtub, but your 4-year-old can polish the sink fixtures or dust the baseboards. Older kids can also take on a room or two, or help outside in the fresh air. The job will get done a lot faster, and your kids will pick up some valuable tidying lessons.

Turn your cleaning goals into a game.

Having trouble getting your tots on board with the spring cleaning craze? You can flip the script and make the cleaning into a game, including a big reward at the end. Offer to take them to a restaurant of their choice if all the cleaning tasks get finished, or plan a family trip to a local theme park.

Once you’ve all voted on a family goal, assign out both shared and individual tasks, along with smaller rewards for a job done to perfection. They’ll be more inclined to help each other out, without cutting corners on their own tasks!

Keep them engaged with something good.

When you don’t have the time or energy to create a comprehensive cleaning game plan, there are plenty of ways to keep the kids out of your hair – without keeping them out of your sight. By setting them up with a game, art project, or playdate, you can keep them occupied while you work. To make sure they stay safe, you can always take turns checking on the kids, or incentivize an older child to watch their siblings.

Enlist a trusted nanny or sitter to help out.

We get it: Once the kids start fighting or goofing off, you may need some peace and quiet to focus on the more time-consuming jobs. When you’re ready to tear out your hair, why not consider enlisting a nanny for the day? From museum trips to park visits, a babysitter or older family member can turn the day into an exciting adventure for them, while you buy some needed time to concentrate on the tasks at hand. It’s a win-win!

Keeping Your House Clean All Year Round

Want to skip the hassle of spring cleaning with kids around all together? Give Merry Maids® a call! Our house cleaning experts are committed to giving you a worry-free clean, and setting your mind at ease regardless of what the changing seasons bring. That’s just one of the reasons we’ve been trusted to provide more than 2 million services across the country over the last 40 years. Whether you just need a hand with a single house cleaning or want to schedule an ongoing weekly clean, we’re here to put The Extra In Your Ordinary ®.

Ready to breathe easy this spring? Call (888) 490-4227 or request an estimate online. You can also check out our spring cleaning checklist here!