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The Right Way to Incorporate Plants in a Home

Plants — they’re good for the air and your soul.

Plants have long been a design staple, but people are getting more creative than ever with how they incorporate greenery into their home. And for those of you without the greenest of thumbs, remember that fake plants work just as well (if not better, in some cases)!

Succulents in small places.

Looking to add color and texture to floating shelves, an open TV stand, or bookstand? Succulents tend to stay relatively small and only need to be watered once in a while, so you won’t have to worry about them damaging your furniture.


Hanging out in the window.

Hanging plants are a favorite among interior decorators for the way they effortlessly drape themselves along your walls. Just remember that most hanging plants need lots of sun, so it’s best to leave them near large windows.

Hanging In Window

Vertical gardens.

Gardens aren’t just in the ground anymore. If you’ve always wanted a garden but live in the city or an apartment with little outdoor space, consider a vertical garden — all you need are a few containers, your favorite flowers, and some double sided tape.

Vertical Gardens

Tucked in the corner.

Looking to liven up a neutral pallet? Adding a large plant in the corner of the room adds a touch of color and interest.

Plants In Corner

Eccentric pots and vases.

It’s not just plants that can add to the ambiance of your home, quirky or colorful pots and vases can also make a statement.

Eccentric Pots

Lining your stairs.

Add some excitement to your entryway or backyard by lining each step with a colorful potted flower.


Perhaps the only downside to having plants? The mess they leave behind. From tiny leaves to dirt, homes with plants need routine cleanings.

Our team always arrives on time and equipped with a detailed cleaning process, so you can trust that we’ll never leave an inch of your living room untouched. Our services are backed by our worry-free guarantee, so you truly have nothing to lose — except for maybe some dirt and grime.