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Bathroom Cleaning Kit

Few — if any — people actually enjoy cleaning the bathroom. Because of this, it’s a chore that can often be put off until hard water stains and soap scum are taking on personalities of their own. 

While you may never get excited about scrubbing a tub or fighting a stubborn toilet ring, you’re more likely to tackle these tasks if you have your bathroom cleaning supplies organized and awaiting action. After all, if your bathroom cleaning tools are ready to go when you spot a mess, it’s a lot easier to attack the issue right then and there. 

The following bathroom cleaning tips can help you put together a kit to make it easier and more effective to keep your powder room in pristine condition. 

Know What You’re Working With

Before you organize your bathroom cleaning tools and products, you need to understand how to properly clean the materials in your powder room. For example, vinegar is a great cleaner that can work wonders in the bathroom, but it can permanently damage stone, marble and similar materials. Therefore, you want to stick to dishwashing liquid when cleaning bathrooms with stone features. The same goes for cleaning bathtubs coated with enamel. 

Follow these two rules of thumb before using a new cleaner in your bathroom: 

  1. Make sure you know how to properly clean the materials found throughout the room, consulting manufacturer’s care instructions and product recommendations when possible.
  2. Always conduct a spot test in a small inconspicuous area.

Setting Up Your Bathroom Cleaning Supplies Kit

Start with a bin or caddy that is separated into a few different compartments. This will help you organize your bathroom cleaning tools and will also help prevent spills. Now, here’s what you want to keep stocked: 

Baking soda — Known as sodium bicarbonate if you’re feeling formal, baking soda can really come in handy when you’re fighting difficult soap scum, cleaning chrome or trying to remove rust stains from your tub. Stock up on this ace bathroom cleaning supply whenever you see it on sale. 

Dishwashing gloves — Let’s face it: Cleaning the bathroom can get gross sometimes. Keep a pair of clean dishwashing gloves on hand so you can keep the contact between your fingertips and the toilet rim to a minimum. 

Dishwashing liquid — This multipurpose product can be used to make almost everything in your bathroom sparkle. You should always have a bottle of dish soap in your bathroom cleaning supplies kit. 

Distilled water in a spray bottle — Spritzing down a freshly cleaned shower door or wall with tap water could lead to more hard water spots, which can undo all your elbow grease. Work smart by keeping a bottle of distilled water in your tool kit. 

Microfiber cloths — Reusable. Gentle. Able to lift some bacteria. We love microfiber cloths so much we’ve written an entire post singing their praises: What is a Microfiber Cloth? We recommend keeping a stack in your bathroom cleaning kit as you can use them to clean and polish everything from shower walls and toilet tops to bathroom mirrors and chrome fixtures. 

Old toothbrush — A used toothbrush has plenty of housekeeping uses. Soft-bristled brushes can be employed as grout-cleaning tools long after you’ve taken them out of the oral hygiene rotation. 

Toilet brush — A toilet brush is an absolute must. Many people prefer not to keep it in their actual bathroom cleaning caddy because they don’t want toilet water on their other bathroom cleaning supplies and we don’t blame them. If that resonates with you, just keep the toilet brush in a stand in the bathroom so it’s easy to access when you need it. 

Vinegar in a spray bottle — Distilled white vinegar is so much more than just an ingredient in dill pickles. It’s also a powerful cleaning tool that can help you fight soap scum, clean shower door tracks and remove toilet rings. 

Additional Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Bathroom cleaning tools aren’t much good unless you know what to do with them. We have a slew of pointers to help you with a variety of bathroom-related tasks, from clearing clogs to scrubbing showers. 

If you don’t have time to clean your bathroom — or just plain don’t want to — we have a solution for that too: Contact your local Merry Maids! Keeping your powder room neat and tidy is just one of the many ways we can help you around the house so you have more time to relax.