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Dust For Holiday Gatherings

In the month of December, you’ll likely find your calendar jam-packed with shopping, work parties, school band and choir recitals, etc. Yet in the midst of the chaos, you need to find a way to clean dust in your common areas so that you can host holiday events.

No matter the festive occasion, you don’t want your family and friends walking into a dusty living room. Learn to quickly clean dust in four simple steps so that you can make the most of the holiday season.

Step No. 1: Make a Cleaning Plan

When preparing for company to come to your house, you need to make a house cleaning schedule. It’s important to have a set plan so that you have a list of everything that needs to be done before guests arrive. A house cleaning schedule also helps you properly budget your time. Be certain to include “clean dust” on your checklist so that you’re not scrambling to take care of this chore as visitors are ringing the doorbell.

Step No. 2: Walk Your Guests’ Path

You’re going to be busy preparing food, wrapping gifts or making sure guest bathrooms are clean, so you won’t have a large chunk of time to dedicate to dusting. That’s OK, though, because you only need to clean dust in the areas your guests will see.

Walk through the rooms your guests will spend time in — typically the mudroom, kitchen, living room, dining room and bathroom — and make a note of any areas that look dusty. Try to view your home as an outsider would so that you don’t overlook bookshelves, mantelpieces or kitchen cabinets.<>

Step No. 3: Invest in the Proper Tools

Unless you’ve got some bad cobwebs, you won’t need any special equipment. In fact, microfiber wipes tend to make the best dusting cloths. As for cleaning solutions, many commercial products can actually leave residue behind. So skip those and clean dust using a dry microfiber cloth.

If your ceiling fans or mini-blinds are covered with fuzzy gray strands and you’re worried guests might notice, you may also want to ready your dust mop and pick up some microfiber blind cleaners.

Step No. 4: Clean Dust

To rid dust quickly, take your microfiber cloth and wipe down the areas you noted in your walk-through.

While you can take shortcuts, like wiping just the spines of books and the edges of bookshelves, you don’t want to cut corners when it comes to holiday decorations. Your guests may very well get up close and personal to admire your seasonal décor, so do give these items a thorough clean. You should also be sure to completely wipe down coffee tables and your mantelpiece. Fortunately, that shouldn’t take long.

After you’ve dusted, give the room a quick sweep or vacuum to remove any dust bunnies or stray bits of grime that may have fallen.

And that’s how to quickly clean dust for the holidays. But what about preparing the rest of your house for seasonal celebrations? Check out these party planning tips to make sure friends and family are wowed by your hosting prowess.