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Save Time During The School Year

The kids are on their way back to school and parents across the nation are alternating between sobbing and doing backflips. But there’s a threat quietly looming among the crying and celebrating. It’s the threat of your house becoming a nightmare of a mess.

That’s right. Once the kids go back to school, everyone in the house gets busier. Now, in addition to your typical day, you also have to help with homework, take turns carpooling, pack lunches and ferry the kids to afterschool activities.

How on earth will you keep your home clean with all of these new activities and chores? Did you just start hyperventilating? Well, save that panic attack for something else, because the professional housekeepers at Merry Maids are happy to help you out during the school year.

Keeping your house tidy amid the chaos of science fair projects and dance recitals is what we do best. Take a look at just a few ways in which we can help.

Back to School Bedroom Blues

Keeping your kids’ bedrooms clean and tidy gets more difficult each school year. The homework this year is harder; and your kids have joined so many teams and clubs, it’s almost impossible to keep track of who has to be driven where on which day. Your kids are now busier than they were over summer break. While it’d be great if you could get them to keep their rooms tidy, let’s be honest, it’s likely an uphill battle. In addition, the only way you’ll be able to keep the bedrooms clean is if a few hours are added to each day.

That’s where Merry Maids come in. Our professional housekeepers offer bedroom services that can keep potential messes from getting out of hand by tidying up and cleaning the floors and surfaces of desks and dressers. We’ll even remove the dust from behind headboards. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, bedrooms aren’t even the hardest room to clean. We’re just getting started.

Go to the PTA Meeting or Clean the Bathroom?

During the getting ready for school rush, your home’s bathrooms might get a little disorganized. Everyone’s getting ready to leave the house at around the same time, so there’s a lot of running around. That makes thorough on-the-spot cleanup of splashes and spills virtually impossible.

Additionally, you want to attend events like parent-teacher night or PTA meetings. It’s important to your children’s education. But how are you supposed to keep that bathroom clean with all these extra activities?

Let us take care of that for you. Merry Maids offers a full range of bathroom cleaning services from scrubbing sinks, tubs and toilets to cleaning your shower tiles and polishing your bathroom fixtures. That way, you can rest assured that you won’t come home from a PTA meeting and cringe when you open the bathroom door.

Class Act: Keep The Kitchen Clean

Your kitchen sees its fair share of action throughout the year. But when school’s back in session, it can become the most active room of the house. That kitchen table makes contact with a lot of glue from art assignments and science fair projects. In addition, after you’re done making sure homework has been completed and reviewing report cards, it’s all you can do to get dinner on the table. Who has time to clean the countertops or wash the backsplash on a regular basis when school’s in session?

We do. We also offer kitchen cleaning services that include cleaning your stovetop, wiping down your cabinets and mopping the floors. We’ll even wash the kitchen sink.

These services are just a tiny sampling of those we can provide to help you out during the school year. For more details, contact your local Merry Maids to find out what housekeeping services they can provide to help you out amid the flurry of research papers and choir concerts. We think you’ll be glad you did.