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Post-Construction and Remodel Cleaning Services in Houston

Unveil the Beauty of Your Newly Constructed or Remodeled Space

Construction and remodeling can transform your space, but the aftermath often leaves a layer of dust and debris. Merry Maids of Houston specializes in post-construction cleaning services that handle the mess, so you can enjoy the results of your newly built or renovated home or business.

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Professional Construction Clean-Up

Our team of professionals is trained to handle the unique challenges of post-construction clean-up. We ensure that every nook and cranny is attended to, leaving your space spotless and ready for use.

Our Post-Construction Cleaning Services Include:

  • Detailed dusting of all surfaces
  • Removal of construction debris
  • Cleaning of windows, window sills, and frames
  • Deep cleaning of floors, carpets, and upholstery
  • Sanitization of kitchens and bathrooms
  • Polishing of interior glass, mirrors, and chrome fixtures
  • High-pressure cleaning where necessary
  • Eco-friendly cleaning options

Remodel Cleanup Checklist

Our comprehensive checklist ensures that all areas affected by construction are thoroughly cleaned:

  • Walls and ceilings dusted and wiped
  • Trim, baseboards, door and window frames cleaned
  • Vents cleared of dust
  • Light fixtures and ceiling fans cleaned
  • Cabinetry inside and out, along with countertops and backsplashes, scrubbed clean
  • Protection film and stickers removed from appliances and windows
  • Hard surface floors swept, mopped, and polished
  • Carpets vacuumed and steam cleaned as needed

After Renovation Cleaning Tips

For those tackling some of the clean-up themselves, here are a few tips:

  • Always wear protective gear, such as gloves and masks, to avoid inhaling dust and debris.
  • Begin cleaning from the top down to prevent re-soiling cleaned areas.
  • Use the right tools, such as a HEPA vacuum, to effectively remove fine dust particles.
  • Focus on air quality by replacing any HVAC filters that were in use during construction.

Merry Maids Remodeling Clean Service

Our remodeling clean service is tailored to meet the specific needs of your project. Whether it’s a small update or a major overhaul, we approach every job with the same attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

Post-Building Work Cleaning Guide

Follow our guide to ensure all aspects of your post-building cleaning are covered:

  1. Assess the scope of cleaning required and make a checklist.
  2. Remove all large debris and construction materials.
  3. Clean from the top down, starting with ceilings and light fixtures.
  4. Deep clean all surfaces, including floors and walls.
  5. Address windows, glass, and mirrors for a streak-free shine.
  6. Conduct a final walk-through to ensure nothing is missed.

Hiring Cleaners After Construction

Considering hiring professional cleaners after construction can save you time and energy. Our team is equipped with the tools and expertise to efficiently clean and refresh your space.

Post-Renovation Cleaning Costs

Costs can vary based on the size of the space and the level of cleaning required. We offer competitive pricing and will work with you to provide a customized quote that meets your needs.

Construction Debris Removal Services

Part of our post-construction service includes the removal of leftover construction materials and debris, ensuring that your property is free from any hazards and is aesthetically pleasing.

Eco-Friendly Post-Construction Cleaning

We are committed to sustainability and offer eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Our green cleaning practices ensure that your space is not only clean but also safe for you and the environment.

Contact Merry Maids of Houston Today

Ready to experience the joy of a clean and polished space after your construction or remodeling project? Contact Merry Maids of Houston today to schedule your professional post-construction cleaning service.

  • Base Hours: 2 - 5
  • Includes: Dusting, Mopping, Vacuuming, Windows
  • Merry Maids Recommends: Weekly or Bi-Weekly Cleaning

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