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Apartment Cleaning in Houston

Merry Maids® for Small Spaces

Living room after Merry Maids apartment cleaningOur house cleaning services aren’t only for houses! Every living space deserves a thorough cleaning that you can see and feel. Merry Maids of Houston is proud to offer a program designed to serve residents of apartments, condominiums, and other small spaces.

Our Merry Maids for Small Spaces service offers customized pricing to groups of residents in the same complex who register for weekly or bi-weekly service. In addition, Houston customers who start service through this program will receive a discount applied to their "first-time-in" service fee.

Looking for apartment cleaning services near you? Call our experts at (713) 364-0094 or contact us online!

Apartment Cleanup Tailored to You

At Merry Maids of Houston, we offer a comprehensive range of apartment cleaning solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each resident. From routine housekeeping and deep cleans to specialized services like laundry service and window washing, we ensure every corner of your home is spotless!

We’ll carefully clean your Houston apartment from top to bottom, including:

  • Bathroom Cleaning: We thoroughly clean counters, sinks, toilets, showers, floors, and more.
  • Bedroom Cleaning: This includes bedmaking, dusting, vacuuming, and wiping down blinds.
  • Living Room Cleaning: We dust interior décor and furniture and vacuum the floors.
  • Kitchen Cleaning: Our team cleans counters and sinks, mops floors, and wipes down the exterior of appliances and cabinets.
  • And more!

When you choose Merry Maids of Houston for apartment cleaning services, you can trust that our trained professionals will handle everything with care and attention to detail. We use only the best products and techniques to ensure a thorough and efficient clean every time!

A Big Clean for Tight Spaces

Contrary to what you might think, a small space doesn’t mean an easy clean. Dirt, germs, and grime can find their way into countless corners and spaces that are hidden out of sight. Our seasoned professionals know where to look and have the processes and techniques that will bring the shine and sparkle to every inch of your Houston apartment or condo- from move in to move-out.

Merry Maids of Houston expert cleaning an apartment bathroom

Benefits of our Professional Cleaning Services

With our top-notch apartment cleaning services, you can expect:

  • Better hygiene levels: Our team uses specialized products that are designed to effectively remove dirt, grime, dust, germs and allergens from your apartment
  • The use of eco-friendly products: Our products decrease pollution as they are biodegradable, have low VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and follow SaferChoice® standards
  • Peace of mind: If you don't have the time or energy to do housework, you can always rely on us to ensure that your apartment is being cared for correctly

For reliable apartment cleaning in Houston, contact us for a free estimate or call (713) 364-0094 today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I schedule an apartment cleaning?

Determining how often to schedule an apartment cleaning largely depends on your lifestyle and needs. For households with kids or pets, a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning can help maintain a clean and healthy environment. If you live alone or maintain a relatively tidy space, a monthly deep clean might be sufficient. 

Regular cleanings not only ensure your home stays fresh but also help preserve the quality of your furnishings and surfaces by preventing the buildup of dirt and grime. 

Do you offer move-in/move-out cleaning services?

Yes, Merry Maids of Houston offer comprehensive move-in and move-out cleaning services designed to make your transition as smooth as possible. Our specialized team thoroughly cleans every nook and cranny, ensuring the space is spotless for new occupants or ready for you to settle into comfortably.

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