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Move-Out Cleaning in Spring, TX

Moving Out Never Seemed So Simple

When you’re planning a move, the last thing you want to think about is cleaning after all the heavy lifting is done. Fortunately, our cleaning experts at Merry Maids of Northwest Houston know precisely how to thoroughly clean your empty space to help you feel comfortable bidding your former space good-bye (and getting back your security deposit). We’re here to remove all the stress from your move and create a worry-free experience.

Our skilled and highly trained Spring, TX move out cleaning professionals will get every hard-to-clean area and high-touch surface of your home or apartment. With advanced cleaning and disinfecting methods with natural cleaning products, you’ll be amazed at your space—it’ll look better than before you first moved in! Let us help you focus on getting acclimated to your new home.

For thorough move in and move out cleaning services in NW Houston, call our pros today at (281) 819-0480.

Move Out Cleaning Services for NW Houston Landlords

Not only do we offer our move in and move out cleaning service to individuals relocating to a new home, but we also want to assist landlords looking to prepare for new tenants.

Merry Maids® is here to help you wow potential renters with a sparkling clean home or apartment. Our cleaning methods go beyond just vacuuming and dusting. We get deep into the corners to rid your space of all dust, dirt, and grime accumulated over the years. Germs and bacteria don’t stand a chance against the techniques we employ.

We’ll focus on all the places new tenants wouldn’t even think to inspect, like under stove coils, inside cabinets, behind appliances, and more! Your focus should be on acquiring new residents to occupy your vacant unit—leave the apartment move out cleaning in Spring, TX to us.

Backed by 40 Years of Cleaning Expertise

Backed by over four decades of cleaning experience, we aim to help make life easier for you so you can focus on this new chapter in your life. Our process offers a deep cleaning you can both see and feel. From the moment we step foot inside your home, we deliver a respectful and memorable experience you’ll want for your new abode as well.

Our team is specially trained in a meticulous house cleaning process to ensure we get in every nook and cranny. We follow a comprehensive move-in/move-out cleaning checklist, so we don’t miss a spot. You can rest assured that your new or previous home is in the most capable hands when you hire our team.

Our trained and professional cleaning team provides:

  • Free Cleaning Quotes: Our process begins with understanding the scope of your cleaning needs. From there, we provide you with a detailed and accurate estimate. This commitment to openness ensures you have a clear understanding of our services and the investment required.
  • Worry Free Guarantee: Our Worry Free Guarantee means that you can rely on us to deliver exceptional results. If there are any concerns or areas that require additional attention, our team is dedicated to addressing them promptly.
  • Advanced Techniques and Processes: We are trained in the latest industry practices, allowing us to tackle even the toughest cleaning challenges. From using eco-friendly products to adopting efficient cleaning methods, we leverage innovation to achieve optimal results. You can trust us to bring a combination of experience and modern techniques when it comes to cleaning your space.
  • Customizable Cleaning Plans: Whether you require a comprehensive deep clean or focus on specific areas, our team works with you to create a plan that aligns with your preferences and the requirements of your move. This flexibility helps you receive the exact level of cleaning service you need, making the process efficient and tailored to your lifestyle.

Moving can be a challenging and hectic experience, and cleaning is often the last thing on your mind. At Merry Maids of Northwest Houston, our commitment is to help make your move less stressful. With our trained and professional cleaning team, you not only get a clean space but also a smoother moving experience.

Let us help you take “cleaning” off your moving to-do list permanently. Request an estimate.

10 Cleaning Tasks to Complete Before You Move Out

If you’re like many of our clients, a moving checklist is an essential part of keeping the moving process running smoothly. On that checklist are likely basic tasks that will make your old place acceptable at first glance but won’t provide a thorough deep cleaning. We completely understand! Which is why we’ve created a move out cleaning checklist to help you disinfect your old home and give your new home the touch of sparkle it deserves.

Here are 10 cleaning tasks that need to be completed before you relocate:

  1. Clean grime from the stove and oven
  2. Disinfect and wipe down the kitchen and other counters
  3. Clean the refrigerator out, including spills or mustiness
  4. Clean the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and other sinks
  5. Remove all soap scum and mold from showers and bathtubs
  6. Disinfect and clean all glass and mirrors, making sure they’re streak-free
  7. Mop all floors with scrubbing as needed
  8. Remove all marks from the baseboards
  9. Dust blinds or other fixtures that belong to the apartment
  10. Remove any pet odors
    *Disinfection cleaning is only effective on hard surfaces

We Also Provide Move-In Cleaning

When you move into a home, you never know what kind of left-behind dirt and dust you’ll encounter. It’s vital to make sure you give your new abode the attention it needs to protect you and your family from picking up any nasty bacteria or contracting illnesses. While we’re specialists at deep cleaning when you’re moving out of a former home, we also offer move-in cleaning to help you feel more comfortable in your new space.

For more information about our NW Houston move-in and move-out cleaning service, call us at (281) 819-0480.

  • Base Hours: 2 - 5
  • Includes: Dusting, Mopping, Vacuuming, Windows
  • Merry Maids Recommends: Weekly or Bi-Weekly Cleaning

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