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FAQ - House Cleaning Services in Tampa

Do I have to be home for the cleaning?

You do not have to be home for the cleanings. You can be home, meet us there and leave, come and go, leave the door open, hide a key, or provide us with a key or code. Whatever you are most comfortable with as long as we can get into the home we are good to go.

Can I schedule a cleaning for a specific day?

You can select and schedule for a specific day. We work with you to get a day and time that works for you as well as fits into our schedule to ensure your home will be cleaned properly.

How much will it cost to clean my home?

Each home is different so call us at (813) 302-1194 for a free customized estimate.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept many forms of payment. For one time service we accept cash or any major credit card, and for ongoing service we accept cash, credit/debit, money order, or personal check.

Should I do anything to prepare my house for cleaning?

You do not have to do anything to get your home ready to be cleaned, however it is helpful to keep in mind that the more surfaces we can easily access the better job they will be able to do without disrupting your personal items.

Are you comfortable cleaning with pets in my home?

Yes! The majority of our customer have pets, as well as our staff. As long as you are not worried about your pet attacking or biting.

Do I need to provide any cleaning equipment or supplies?

We supply all of our own cleaning products and equipment, including cleaning cloths, solutions, vacuums, and mop. Everything we need to get the job done we bring with us.

What if I am not satisfied with your cleaning service?

Our goal is to give you the best service possible and the more feedback we can get from you the better service we can provide. If you are ever unhappy with any aspect of your cleaning call and let us know and we continue to come back out to the home at no charge to you until you are satisfied.

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