Declutter to Reduce Stress

Reduce Clutter to Reduce Stress Did you know that clutter and stress can be linked to one another? It’s true! According to Psychology Today, there are numerous recent studies that have shown clutter can trigger all kinds of stress-related reactions including overeating, decreased mental health and an overall lack of satisfaction with your life.

Don’t let clutter affect your personal well-being! Celebrate National Give Something Away Day on July 15 by taking steps towards decluttering your home and reclaiming your life with the following tips.

Clean Up Clutter Catchers

The side table in your foyer or mudroom, your nightstand, the kitchen countertop, the garage. These are probably some of the most cluttered places in your house, right? Identifying the chaotic areas in your home is key to the decluttering process. Once you’ve determined the spaces where items seem to pile up, spend some time cleaning and organizing them. From there, take care to be mindful of these zones and what you and family members place in them. Doing so can help a great deal when it comes to preventing future messes.

Be Proactive

Thinking ahead and setting ground rules for yourself is one excellent way of decluttering your home in regard to more than the areas that catch clutter. After all, if you have a system in place to manage kids’ artwork or keep sentimental clutter at bay, you’ll have fewer messes to deal with later down the road. You may find the following posts helpful in setting up a defensive strategy against clutter:

Donate Items to Charity

The feeling of accomplishment that comes with decluttering your home is quite rewarding. You can double those good vibes when you donate items to charity. Set out a box in each family member’s room for items that they no longer use but are in good condition, such as old clothes, shoes, books and toys. Then, find a cause — like a homeless shelter, battered women’s shelter or religious organization — and donate your goods so that someone else can benefit from them.

Tip: Make sure you wash any clothes first, as many charitable organizations may not have a washing machine on site.

Don’t Forget to Declutter Inside Storage Areas

Out of sight doesn’t always equal out of mind when it comes to clutter and stress. Opening your fridge to see eggs balancing precariously on a crown of broccoli and packets of moldy cheese aren’t exactly going to put you in a calm state of mind. The same goes for other parts of the house, such as your pantry, cabinets or bedroom closet. These posts may come in handy while you’re decluttering storage areas in your home:

Don’t have time to declutter your home on your own? We’ve got you covered! Contact your local Merry Maids for some help kicking clutter to the curb. We’re glad to lend a hand so you can reclaim your home in an effort to be happier and healthier.