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6 Ways to Better Organize Your Back to School Routine

From homework and carpooling to after school activities and projects, life does anything but slow down once the school year starts. And if you’re like most parents, mornings become incredibly hectic. But believe it or not, there are plenty of ways to alleviate back to school stress by simply organizing your every day routine.

#1. Pack all bags the night before.

Lunch bags, backpacks, purses, binders — if you need it for the next day, it should be packed up and waiting to be grabbed on your way out in the morning.

#2. Make homework priority #1 after school.

Before the TV can go on or games can be played, make it a rule that homework has to be done first. Not only will this help you get everything packed up well before bed time, but it will also prevent you from getting the, “I need special markers for this project” call at 9 p.m.

#3. Pick out clothes the night before.

As they get older, it’s a great idea to let your kids start picking out their own clothes. The only problem? It can sometimes take forever. If your little fashionista wants to spend 30 minutes picking out the perfect outfit, just make sure it’s done the night before. And if it seems like it’s taking longer and longer to pick out your outfit each day, it might be time for some organizational services!

#4. Make your bed.

Hear us out — we know that when one kid can’t find their shoes and the other is making a mess with breakfast, the last thing you’re thinking about is making your bed. But numerous studies show that completing this 3-minute task first thing in the morning makes you feel accomplished and more ready to take on the day.

#5. Save hot breakfasts for the weekend.

TV shows have been lying to us — not every parent cooks pancakes, waffles, and bacon for their kids each morning. On school days, stick with cold but healthy choices, like yogurt, granola, cereal, and fruit.

#6. Keep a calendar on the wall.

Your phone calendar may be handy, but a clearly visible wall calendar can better help your little ones learn how to plan and organize events. It can also help further their reading and writing skills. Start off by assigning each of your children a color and note important dates in a way that they can clearly see them as well.

Want one more way to substantially lighten your back-to-school load? Reach out to your local Merry Maids and make house chores a thing of the past! We’re happy to help out so you can come home to a tidy house at the end of your day.