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Decorating Tips For Organizing Home

Most people put a lot of thought behind how they’ll decorate their homes. It’s a pretty exciting task with all the themes, color schemes and excuses to buy really cool accent pieces. But did you know that your décor can actually cause your house to look cluttered?

It’s true: The way in which your home is organized plays a huge role in whether or not visitors think you have a messy house. Learn how to organize your home so that it’s a welcoming space that reflects your style without giving the impression of being chaotic.

Get Rid of Some Stuff

The first step in figuring out how to declutter your home is to determine whether or not you just have too much stuff. The more belongings you have, the easier it is to develop a messy house. Before you start decorating, take a good look at what you have on display: Do you really need five wedding photos on the mantle? Can you donate the clothes in storage bins that no one wears anymore? While there’s no need to become a minimalist, it’s always a good idea to get rid of things you have too many of or don’t really need.

Group Like Items Together

A vase here. A candle there. When the eye has to focus on too many things, it can make your home seem disorderly. Arrange items by type instead, almost as if you were displaying a very specific collection. Group large vases and bud vases together or nestle candles together on a small tray, arranged by size. Follow suit with other decorative pieces to make your home seem tidy.

Don’t Go Overboard with Books

While it can be tempting to showcase every book you’ve ever read, a jumbled bookshelf gives the impression of a messy house. Rather, use books to elevate other items, such as lamps or a decorative clock. If you insist on keeping your books on full display, arrange them by color so that they create vibrant blocks that draw the eye in and add an artistic atmosphere to the room.

Free Your Furniture

When thinking of how to organize your home to reduce chaos, you want to take a look at your furniture, especially in living rooms or sitting rooms. A hodgepodge of decorative pillows coupled with rumpled throws and wrinkly slipcovers can make your home look messy, even if the floor is so clean you could eat off it. You can easily avoid this by keeping pillows to a minimum: One or two should do the trick in most cases. Additionally, make sure sofa covers fit and fold afghans or throws neatly when they’re not in use.

Hide Tangled Cords

The downside of having a home filled with technology is tangles of cords and wires that run along floors and behind bookshelves. In addition to being unsightly, these technological rat nests can be a downright nuisance if you’re trying to unplug a device or move it to another room. Until the world goes completely wireless, there are a variety of sleek accessories you can use to corral cords, such as decorative clips and cord organizers of all shapes and sizes.

Clear the Fridge

Is your refrigerator covered with magnets from your favorite takeout restaurants, drawings the kids made and coupons that expired weeks ago? The rest of your kitchen may be pristine, but this focal point can give people the impression that you keep a messy house. Put coupons in a binder, pick up some magnets that complement your kitchen’s décor and curate a rotating gallery on the refrigerator, limiting each child to one masterpiece at a time. And don’t stop there! Make sure the inside of your fridge is organized, too.

You work hard on decorating your home and keeping it clean. Make sure guests appreciate all your efforts by kicking clutter to the curb.

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