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Get Out The Door Faster

As much as we strive to keep our homes neat and tidy 100% of the time, life can sometimes serve up chaos with a side of pandemonium. When work schedules get busy or midterms hit, it can be hard enough to remember to eat, much less maintain a pristine home.

Having a cluttered house is certainly understandable during these busy times, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be embarrassed if an unexpected guest stops by. A disheveled domicile also won’t do anything to make you feel more relaxed, especially not when it's the last thing you remember seeing when you leave the house in the morning.

Take a look at the following fast cleaning tips that can help you pick up a little here and there, so that your home doesn’t get too out of hand.

1. Learn What Can Be Cleaned Quickly

When it comes to fast housekeeping tips and tricks, it’s a good idea to know what tasks can be taken care of around the house in a minimal amount of time. Fortunately, there are a variety of chores you can take care of in a mere matter of seconds. Don’t believe it? Take a look at these eight easy cleaning feats

2. Take a Page from a Neat Freak’s Book

While there’s no need to panic if someone spills a drink or disturbs a perfectly fanned display of magazines, people who are notorious for their fastidiousness do have a few housekeeping tips up their perfectly pressed sleeves. From picking up after yourself — and teaching your family to do the same — to decluttering, neat freaks know how to keep a home looking nice regardless of what else is going on in their lives. Follow their good examples by checking out these seven neat freak housekeeping tips

3. Pick Up Some Good Habits

One of the best house cleaning tips and tricks you’ll ever receive is to incorporate smart housekeeping habits into your life. Little things like being organized or knowing which cleaning supplies to use for different rooms or surfaces can make a huge difference in speeding up your cleaning process and can make maintaining a clean home easier, too. These four good housekeeping practices

4. Set a Schedule

A million fast cleaning tips won’t do you any good if you don’t have a regular housekeeping schedule to serve as a foundation for the smaller cleans you’re doing. In addition to the above, make sure you’re breaking up chores into manageable doses throughout the week. Here’s an example of a schedule you might stick to:

Monday — Polish streaks from mirrors and windows

Tuesday — Clean toilets and showers

Wednesday — Wash sheets and towels

Thursday — Wipe down and dust surfaces throughout your home

Friday — Vacuum common areas

Of course, you can sub in the tasks that most need to be done in your own home when you create your housekeeping schedule. Also, if you have kids that are old enough to help out with the housework, have them pitch in. You can always use the WiFi password as a reward, which is sure to be a motivating factor.

And whether you need a one-time clean to get started on the right foot or regular cleaning backup to keep messes at bay, the professional housekeepers of Merry Maids