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How To Make A Daily Cleaning Schedule

Your daily grind can make it challenging to keep your house clean and tidy. At the same time, it’s much more enjoyable to relax and unwind in a clean home. But where will you find the time to keep up with your housework throughout a hectic week?

Believe it or not, it’s possible to incorporate a daily house cleaning routine into your busy weekly calendar. How? By creating a housework schedule. Assigning specific chores to certain days of the week allows you to break down what may seem like an overwhelming task, so that you’re left with manageable cleaning jobs.

Take a look that the following house cleaning checklist for an example of what a little strategic planning can do for you.

Monday: Clean the Bathrooms

Your bathroom probably needs a little TLC after the weekend, so go ahead and get this chore out of the way early in the week. Save the heavy-duty cleaning, like scrubbing grout, for the weekend and focus on smaller aspects of the bathroom. Clean your toilet and get rid of all the toothpaste marks on the sink and mirror. You may also want to freshen up the linens in your bathroom.

Tuesday: Dust and Vacuum Common Areas

Dust, dander and the pet hair can all build up if left unchecked, so be certain to make time in your daily housework schedule for fighting fluff and fuzz. Lightly dust surface areas in your living room, dining room and bonus room. Remember to hit ceiling fans and blinds, and don’t forget to sweep cobwebs from the corners. Afterwards, run the vacuum to bust any dust that’s fallen, using an upholstery attachment to clean drapes and furniture.

Wednesday: Scrub the Kitchen

Naturally, you’re making sure your countertops are wiped down after meal preparation and you’re washing dishes on a daily basis, so those are two things you’ve already worked into your daily house cleaning routine. Today you’ll also focus on the other areas in the kitchen. Wipe down the refrigerator door and handle, along with the stovetop and your cabinets. Additionally, toss any expired food that’s in the fridge, and check your trash can to see if it needs to be cleaned.

Thursday: Tidy Your Entryway and Bedrooms

If you’ve organized your mudroom, it shouldn’t take too long to clean it up. You’ll probably just need to do a bit of tidying, followed by a quick sweep or vacuum. That means you have ample time to fit the bedrooms in your daily house cleaning routine.

Ask family members to pick up their bedroom floors, making sure toys, shoes and clothes are all put away or deposited in the laundry room. Then, do some light dusting of surface areas as you tidy items on desks and dressers. Afterwards, have family members take turns vacuuming the floors in their rooms.

Friday: Clear the Clutter from Your Mind

You’ve worked hard all week and stuck to your daily routine. Take a night off to veg out in your tidy home. You deserve it! If you must clean, toss the bedding in the laundry. That way you can relax with a book or movie as it washes and dries.

If you live with roommates or family members, make sure you get them involved in the daily house cleaning routine. Don’t forget to check chores off your house cleaning checklist so you can enjoy a feeling of accomplishment. And if you miss a day every now and then, don’t worry. Life happens, and you can always pick up where you left off next week.