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5 Ways to Hang Holiday Décor Without Damaging Walls

The holiday season is a time for joy, celebration, and festive decorations. Historically, homeowners relied on nails, screws, and hooks as the sole ways to hang wreaths, garlands, and other holiday décor. While effective, these methods often leave behind unsightly holes and can cause damage that you’ll regret later (and your property manager may not be happy with). But fear not! Our cleaning team at Merry Maids® offers creative ways to hang your holiday decorations to help you avoid unsightly wall damage and say hello to a beautifully adorned home.

1. Command™ Clear Small Hooks

Gone are the days of drilling holes or using non-aesthetically pleasing tacks that don’t blend with your overall style. Command™ Clear Small Hooks offer a hassle-free alternative to make your holiday decorating a breeze. These magical hooks will do the trick if you want to hang wreaths, stockings, or garlands.

Using Command™ hooks is as easy as 1-2-3. You’ll want to clean the wall or surface where you want to hang your décor, to help keep it free from dust and debris. Once you’ve placed the adhesive strip and firmly pressed the hook onto the surface, give it a little time to set.

And let's not forget about the everyday use of these hooks. These versatile hooks are perfect for organizing those challenging spaces in your home. Are you tired of tangled cords under your sink? Use Command™ hooks to keep them neat. Need a place to hang your keys behind the door? Command™ hooks have you covered.

2. Suction Cups

Suction cups are another versatile option for hanging holiday decorations. These handy devices work well on smooth surfaces such as glass or tile. Wet the suction cup slightly, press it firmly against the desired location, and release. The suction cup will create a vacuum seal, holding your decorations securely in place. When removing them, simply peel the suction cup off the wall without leaving any traces behind.

3. Adhesive Tapes

Double-sided adhesive tapes are a fantastic option for lightweight decorations such as paper ornaments, holiday cards, or garlands. Choose tape specifically designed for walls, so that it won't damage the paint or wallpaper. Apply the tape to the back of your décor item, press firmly against the wall, and voila! Your holiday decorations will stay put until you're ready to restore order after the holidays.

4. Velcro Strips

Velcro strips are a game-changer when it comes to hanging holiday décor. Not only are they reliable and secure, but they also offer the added benefit of reusability. When using Velcro strips, you can easily attach one side of the strip to your decoration and the other side to the wall.

Select the appropriate size and strength of Velcro strip for your specific decoration. If you're hanging heavier objects, opt for thicker and stronger Velcro strips to ensure a secure attachment. Clean the wall surface thoroughly to remove any dust or debris hindering the adhesive's effectiveness. On the back of your decoration, apply one side of the Velcro strip firmly so that it is centered and aligned.

It's crucial to exert enough pressure when attaching the Velcro strips to guarantee a secure bond. Press firmly for a few seconds to ensure the adhesive adheres properly to the decoration and the wall. To remove the strips from the wall, use soapy water between the wall and adhesive to make removing it easier and reduce the chances of damage.

5. Magnets

For metal surfaces, magnets can be a fun and unique way to hang your holiday decorations. Whether it's magnetic garlands or ornaments, these strong little magnets can hold your décor securely in place. Ensure that the magnets are strong enough to support the weight of your decorations, and always test them before committing to the display.

Help Ease the Holiday Hustle with Professional Cleaning Services

Remember, the holiday season can be a busy time for all. If you find yourself overwhelmed with tasks, consider enlisting the help of professionals at Merry Maids. Our holiday cleaning services can free up time, allowing you to focus on decorating and enjoying the festivities.

Call Merry Maids at (888) 490-4227 to learn more about our cleaning services and how they can help make your holiday season a breeze.