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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which many people recognize by donning pink ribbons and ties, raising money for cancer research through 5Ks and walkathons or even dying their hair pink. This year, we’d like to tell you about a non-profit that’s near and dear to us at Merry Maids, in the hope of inspiring you to make a difference in the life of a woman battling cancer.

Merry Maids is proud to have teamed up with Cleaning for a Reason®, an international non-profit organization that serves women with cancer by providing housekeeping services. Through this service, women who are undergoing any type of cancer treatment — regardless of the nature of the cancer — receive free house cleaning services.

Merry Maids offices around the United States have been working with the organization for years. Additionally, we historically offer more services than any other Cleaning for a Reason partner! We’re dedicated to helping these strong women as they combat cancer, so they can focus on themselves and their families, not on whether the floor needs to be vacuumed or the tub needs to be scrubbed.

As you can imagine, the treatments, procedures, recovery times and side effects from medications needed by women with cancer can affect their abilities to maintain a daily housekeeping routine. Along with the many physical limitations that can result from chemotherapy, radiation and surgeries, there are also mental hurdles that accompany cancer diagnoses and treatments.

In addition, doctor visits, treatment sessions and different types of therapies are all very time consuming, leaving less time for daily chores and routines. But perhaps most importantly, in the midst of contending with this disease, coming home to a clean home can offer women a sense of comfort and normalcy. And it’s an honor for us to be able to help support these strong fighters as they strive to overcome cancer.

Cleaning for a Reason has been Making a Difference One Home at a Time™ for over 12 years. Since 2006, the Texas-based organization and its partners have donated more than $10 million in free services and have helped almost 30,000 women with cancer. The non-profit currently partners with more than 1,200 professional cleaning companies, including Merry Maids, and shows no signs of slowing down.

If you know a woman bravely fighting cancer who would like receive the services offered by Cleaning for a Reason and their housekeeping partners, please encourage her to apply by visiting the patient application page.

Looking for other ways to make a difference? We’ve got two for you!

  1. Help support this amazing cause and assist in providing cleaning services to women with cancer by donating to Cleaning for a Reason.
  2. Give the gift of housekeeping and make sure women with cancer have clean homes in between their visits from Cleaning for a Reason teams. Purchase a Merry Maids gift card.