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Seasonal Cleaning

Dining Room Fall Cleaning

Autumn is considered the best season by many people for a variety of reasons. Favorite fall foods like apple cider donuts and pumpkin-flavored treats show up on menus and shelves again. Sweaters and cardigans get shaken out of their winter storage containers.

Is your dining room prepared to host the family dinners and cocktail parties that take place during this festive time of year? If not, this dining room fall cleaning checklist is exactly what you need.

Ceiling Fans and Wall Décor

When it comes to preparing your dining room for fall, you need to start at the top. Typically, one of two things is going to happen with your ceiling fans: You’ll either turn them off completely or switch the direction in which they rotate so they help distribute the heat.
Wipe down fan blades with a microfiber duster or cloth and make sure to vacuum any fallen dust once you’re finished. If you keep your fan on during the winter, set it so that the blades rotate in a clockwise direction, as this will help make your heating more efficient. Also, if you bring out a ladder when cleaning, don’t forget to have someone spot you!
And while you have your dusting gear out, go ahead and wipe down decorations, picture frames and any other knickknacks or tchotchkes that may maintain full-time residence in your dining room.
These pointers can help make cleaning hard-to-reach places and dusty décor a little easier and breezier:

The rules of cleaning safety

As anyone who’s redecorated a room knows, there are myriad different types of bulbs and fixtures. The following tips can shed some light on how to clean your dining room’s Edison bulbs or chandeliers.

Wood Furniture

Is that dining room table or buffet looking dingy after months of not seeing regular attention? Unless your manufacturer’s instructions state otherwise, the only supplies you need when cleaning wood furniture
When dusting, simply run the microfiber across the surfaces of the table. If you’re removing sticky residues, dampen the cloth with water and apply light pressure. (Note: Make sure your cloth is damp and not wet or you could create water stains in the wood.)
If you need more than a simple clean, these posts can help you knock stain removal or damage repair out:

Area Rugs and Wood Floors

You want your dining room floors looking great for the dinner guests and holiday party people you’ll be entertaining this fall and winter. If you have area rugs that need deep cleaning before the most wonderful time of year kicks off, it’s best to do it sooner than later, especially if you live in a region that sees early freezes or snowfalls. These instructions on how to clean area rugs cover a variety of materials:Hardwood floors area a bit easier as they — obviously — can stay inside the house. When cleaning or maintaining the hardwood floors in your dining room, be certain “knot” to overlook these helpful instructions:

Finishing Touches

Now that your dining room is clean, it’s time to set the stage (and the table) for the gatherings you have planned. Check out this stockpile of suggestions if you want to be known as the host or hostess of the season.Don’t have time to get your dining room clean before your first fall fête? We do! Contact your local Merry Maids whether you need help with specialty services, such as oven cleaning and pre- and post-event cleanup, or if you just need a hand keeping on top of your daily cleaning routine.