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Seasonal Cleaning

How to Keep Your House Free from Fall Leaves

For many people, fall isn’t fully here until you hear the sound of crunching leaves on the sidewalk. Of course, when you imagine a thick blanket of red and brown leaves decorating the ground, you probably don’t imagine them littering the carpets and hardwood flooring in your house, too!

It’s all too easy for fall leaves to get tracked into your living space, whether they arrive on little paws or large boots. That’s where Merry Maids® can help. For all your fall clean up needs, you can count on our seasonal cleaning professionals at Merry Maids® to get the job done right, and keep your home free from unwanted leaves and dirt. In this blog post, we’ve also provided a few cleaning tips to get you ready for fall!

Here are a few of our favorite life hacks for keeping pesky leaves at bay:

· Invest in a high-quality doormat. Although that adorable Etsy doormat may seem like the perfect supplement to your fall décor, the truth is that retail doormats rarely pick up all the dirt and leaves that you need. We recommend purchasing a professional walk-off mat composed of nylon, olefin, or vinyl-backed synthetic turf, which will pick up all unwanted debris. These high-quality options are available at most janitorial stores, and they’re incredibly easy to clean!

· Give your carpets some TLC. Carpets are already more prone to trapping dirt than any other area in your home – and with fall leaves constantly getting tracked into the fibers, they can really start to downgrade the feel of your space. Stay one step ahead of the mess by committing to regular carpet cleaning. You can use a rented carpet cleaner to keep things tidy on a monthly basis, but we also recommend hiring a professional service to shampoo at least once a year.

· Dedicate some time to vacuum every few days. Vacuums also go a long way towards keeping your carpets pristine. Because vacuums are actually better at cleaning hardwood flooring than brooms, invest in a great vacuum with diverse cleaning settings. Then just take it out every few days and spend 10-15 minutes in one area, rotating each time.

· Get out the rake. We know, it isn’t always fun to rake up the fall leaves accumulating in your yard. But with so many great rake options – including “no-clog” rakes that are easy to use and keep clean – there’s really no excuse for keeping your yard leaf-free each weekend. As a bonus, you’ll get to enjoy the piles of fall leaves with your kids and pets!

· Create some space for a shoe rack by the door. Don’t have a shoe rack by the door? Now might be the perfect time to pick out a suitable rack and institute a strict “no shoes in the house” policy. After all, shoes and boots are the number one offenders for tracking fall leaves.

· Put down a towel for pets. Dogs and outdoor cats can easily get covered in dirt during the fall season. To prevent them from shaking off inside, put down a large old towel by your back door, or any door where pets leave to play. You should also include a small “pet washing station” so you can quickly remove debris and mud before they come in. For more pet cleaning tips, check out our previous blog post.

· Bring a brush with you on dog walks. Add a firm bristled brush to your dog-walking arsenal, and you’ll be amazed how much cleaner your home will look! Once Fido is done frolicking in the fall leaves, hold them still for a good brushing and avoid dealing with the mess later on.

Still Need a Hand with Fall Clean Up?

At Merry Maids®, we’re committed to providing affordable fall cleaning services that allow you to feel more comfortable and cozy inside your home. Our experts have been helping America’s homes stay free from fall leaves for more than 40 years, and we can deliver a clean that you can see and feel.

Give us a call at (888) 490-4227 to schedule cleaning services for your home!