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Storage For Small Spaces

Living in a small apartment or house can be a huge pain when it comes to finding a place for everything you need. Without proper small space organization, your home can become downright claustrophobic. However, with a few tips and storage solutions for small apartments, you can breathe easily and enjoy the cozy feel of your house.

Check out the following guidelines for organization and storage for small spaces.

Get Organized

If space is minimal, clutter is your worst enemy and it can build up quickly. Fortunately, all you need is some stellar organization ideas for small spaces to get you started. Before you begin getting your place in order though, you need to do some purging.

Go through closets, cupboards and drawers, and get rid of everything you don’t need or use anymore. That sweater that’s been stuck in the back of your closet for five years? Donate it. The box filled with random papers and old hair ties that’s been sitting under your desk since you moved? Go through it and toss everything you don’t need. The broken wine key that’s been hanging out in your silverware drawer for three months? You get the picture.

Once you’ve completed your purge, the following posts can help you get your home in order:

Use Your Vertical Space

When you live in a small home or apartment, you need to capitalize on every inch of wall space you can. That means that your functional items will, in a sense, become part of your home’s décor. There are a variety of ways you can make the most of your vertical real estate.
  • Hang knives on magnetic strips
  • Fasten magnetic spice holders to the side of your refrigerator
  • Install floating shelves around the tops of rooms to hold books, knickknacks or storage baskets
  • Use towel racks with sliding hooks to hang pots and pans or coats and accessories
  • Use nails or adhesive hooks to hold necklaces or scarves
  • Attach hanging shoe organizers over the back of closet doors to corral footwear, jewelry, cleaning supplies and styling products
  • Add towel rings to the back of doors to hold ties and scarves

Make Your Furniture Pull Double Duty

You haven’t a square foot to waste when you live in close quarters, so put your furnishings to work. Fortunately, there are many different types of furniture that can also function as storage solutions for small apartments in the home, including:
  • Ottomans and stools with seats that lift so you can tuck away blankets, extra bed linens and seasonal clothes
  • Coffee tables with cubbies underneath to hold magazines, remotes and art books
  • Old chests that add a shabby chic vibe to your home and hold your crafting supplies, important papers and documents or spare electronics cables
  • Beds with drawers for stashing off-season clothing or extra pillows
  • Beds on risers which allow storage bins to slide neatly underneath

Put Nooks and Crannies to Work

It’s important to reclaim every lost inch when it comes to storage for small spaces. That includes the often wasted space of nooks and crannies. Here are some organization ideas to get you started:
  • Hang a multi-tiered basket over your kitchen sink to hold fruits and vegetables
  • Use non-working fireplaces to display photos or as makeshift bookshelves
  • Build a DIY rolling pantry that tucks into the gap between your fridge and the wall (you’ll You’ll find plenty of tutorials online.)
  • Make use of corners by investing in corner bookshelves or by hanging floating shelves
  • Install shelves over doorframes to hold tchotchkes, plants or books

Organizing an entire home can be an enormous task regardless of the size of the space. If you need help with your undertaking, contact your local Merry Maids to see if they might be able to lend a hand. Organization, decluttering, and apartment deep cleaning services are available!