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8 Ways to Make Moving Easier for Everyone

It’s September, and you know what that means? Moving! Wait, did you not know that? Believe it or not, you’re not the only one who thought it smart to make a major move before the kids went back to school or before the leaves started changing. It’s estimated that around 80% of people move between April and September, which is the peak moving season. 

Hopefully, you don’t have to combat scheduling issues with your moving company because of an abundance of other movers. If you are, we can at least help with some moving and packing tips to make moving as easy and seamless as possible. 

Moving Tip #1: Choose the Right Moving Company 

Because we’re in the middle of peak moving season, moving companies are being booked far in advance to accommodate movers. It’s vital to partner with a moving company that works with your schedule and supports you through the entire process. We recommend our sister brand Two Men and a Truck to get your belongings from point A to point B safely. Request a quote for moving, storage, junk removal, packing, and so much more! With the right moving company on your side, moving will be less stressful, organized, and convenient. 

Moving Tip #2: Develop a Moving Checklist 

First things first. Let’s talk about planning. You must have a game plan before you pick up your life and move to another country, across the country, or even down the street. Strategizing a move is the first thing you need to do before a single item goes into a box (we’ll talk about boxes later). Creating a checklist that makes sense of everything can help everyone feel less overwhelmed about the next step you’re about to take in life. 

Start by: 

  • Packing non-essentials first – You’ll want to pack away non-essential items, i.e., things you don’t use or need daily like books, home décor, electronics, etc. These items should be packed between 6-8 weeks before your move. 

  • Packing essentials second – Pack things you’ll be using immediately after your move. You’ll need an overnight bag, a box with a couple of cooking utensils, spices, cleaning supplies, toiletries, towels, washcloths, etc. Wait to pack these items a few days before moving. 

You should start this process a few weeks in advance so that you have a clear head and aren’t rushing. Having a frantic mindset is a sure-fire way to forget things.  

Moving Tip #3: Purge & Organize First 

Before you start packing your possessions, you need to figure out items that will go with you and items that can be donated or thrown away. After all, you don’t want to cart around unnecessary items that serve little purpose. We want to make this move as efficient and convenient as possible. 

Start by purging your closet and organizing items into piles. This will help you make some tough decisions on the spot and help clear away the clutter before your move.  

Moving Tip #4: Label Everything 

Labeling boxes will help keep you organized and make the unpacking process smoother. Labels might seem a bit obsessive (we highly disagree) when they’re overused; however, it’s a great packing tip for moving made easy! When you label your possessions, you give yourself a leg up after all the moving is done. It’ll make transiting into your new home much easier.  

Moving Tip #5: Avoid Overpacking 

Can you imagine getting to your new home, marveling at your biggest accomplishment to date, and starting to unload the truck only to have a box rupture and spill all your belongings on the street? It’s enough to make a grown person scream (and you probably have during such a stressful time). You might not experience something exactly like this, but this scenario could be your future if you overpack boxes.  

Trying to see how many pots you can stuff into a box won’t get you any brownie points. In fact, the outcome may be severely damaged cookware. You want your belongings to have enough wiggle room, so they’re not colliding during transport, but not too much that your possessions are shifting wildly. Packing peanuts or bubble cushion is a moving essential we recommend to fill box space, protect your items, and keep you from overpacking.  

Moving Tip #:6 Break Up Packing Sessions 

If this isn’t your first move, you know how exhausting it can be. Therefore, we suggest breaking up your packing sessions, so you don’t make any mistakes or forget anything. At least an hour of packing a day a few weeks before your scheduled move should help you avoid stressful situations.  

Moving Tip #7: Get Durable Moving Boxes 

Harkening back to our moving tip about not overpacking—one of the best ways to avoid rips and tears in boxes is to buy durable moving containers. While reusing boxes from a previous move can help you save money, it may cost you in the long run (remember the scenario from earlier? Yeah, that could certainly be you.) 

Moving Tip #8: Recruit Others to Help 

A packing and moving tip that will definitely make moving much easier is asking family and friends for help. They may not want you to move further away, but they’ll provide assistance so that you’re not overwhelmed with all the moving tasks you have to complete.  

Need Move-In/Out Cleaning? Merry Maids® Can Help! 

Now that you have all the moving tips you’ll probably ever need, it’s time to get to work (with our help, of course). Whether you’re moving into a new apartment or home or moving out, we have move-in/out cleaning services that prepare your new space for your personal touch. You have enough on your plate. Cleaning your new or old place is the least we can do to support your exciting new journey.  

And if you know someone in the midst of a move, consider purchasing a gift card for cleaning and organizing services near you. 

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