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Seasonal Cleaning

Creating an Easy-Clean Home After Your Move

If you find yourself itching to start fresh with a big move this summer, you’re not alone! Because so many people decide to change residences during the warm spring and summer months, May has been officially designated as National Moving Month.
To kick off the start of moving season, our house cleaning experts at Merry Maids® have compiled some of the best ways to turn your new home into a tidy, organized, and simple-to-clean haven.

Tips for Designing an “Easy-Clean” Home

Remember that less is more.

Most homeowners accumulate a lot of knick-knacks over the years, as well as furniture they don’t really need. Aside from getting in the way, this kind of unnecessary clutter tends to accumulate dust, germs, and dirt.

Before your move, take stock of all your items, then adopt the right strategies to get rid of whatever you don’t need. You’ll save yourself some time and money when you finally move — and reap the rewards of a more minimalist lifestyle in the process! You may also want to consider our moving cleaning services for a seamless transition to your new space.

Stain-resistant fabrics are your friend.

When you’re picking out drapes or upholstery, make sure to select stain resistant fabrics that will be easy to clean, rather than a more finicky fabric like suede or silk. We know, we know: Synthetic fabrics don’t sound all that comfortable. But thanks to recent advances in stain-repelling technology, there are now many supple and sophisticated options available for indoor use.

Many interior designers swear by Ultrasuede® or Sunbrella® as cleaning-friendly replacements for natural fabrics, and others recommend polyester and viscose blends. If you’re adamant against using synthetic fabrics, try a natural fabric like wool, leather, or linen. For added protection against stains, try a furniture slipcover or a Scotchgard™ treatment!

Make your front door a “launch pad.”

Dirty shoes, wet jackets, and pet supplies can all make your new home a little less tidy. To set a new precedent at your new pad, plan on making your front door area into a special “launch pad” zone. Depending on your layout, you might need to think vertically to add some storage space, or you may be able to use an existing hall closet for coats and shoes. Either way, thinking ahead here will help you cut down on messy entrances!

Here are some of the things you might want to include:

  • Mounted key ring holder
  • Mail tray or bin
  • A small bench
  • Welcome mats with stiff cleaning bristles
  • Shoe and coat racks
  • Umbrella stand
  • Shelving for leashes and doggy bags
  • Lint rollers

Invest in furniture pads.

Nothing makes cleaning more difficult than trying to push a hefty couch back and forth, or rearrange your chairs and tables for a long vacuuming session! On top of that, unprotected furniture can “sink” into carpeting or hardwood flooring over time, leaving deep indentations and marks. To save your floors (and your back), be sure to pick up some cork or felt furniture pads for every big item, including those placed on carpeting.

Set aside recycling and donation bins.

One of the best ways to stop clutter in its tracks is by setting up marked bins for recycling and donation-worthy items. That way, when your favorite local charity asks for donations, you won’t have to scour the house looking for things to give away. This will also ensure that you stay eco-conscious, and properly dispose of recyclables.

Need a Deeper Clean? Call On the Experts!

After you have finished organizing your new home, you’ll still need to plan for more detailed cleans, no matter how much you’ve embraced the easy-clean home design. At Merry Maids®, we can apply more than 40 years of experience to keep your new place cozy and comfortable. With regular maintenance cleanings and longer deep cleans available, you can always come back to a sparkling home.

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