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Seasonal Cleaning

May 10 Clean Your Room

Many moms are used to getting flowers, cards and even breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day. While these gifts and gestures are likely much appreciated, flowers wilt, breakfasts get eaten and cards get lost among the artwork on the fridge. But what if you gave mom something that she could cherish forever?

National Clean Your Room Day falls on May 10, which means it’s so close to Mother’s Day that the two naturally go hand in hand. This year, take advantage of this unusual holiday to give mom the gift that keeps on giving — a clean bedroom and a routine to keep things tidy. (Moms, this is a gift you can give yourself, too!)

Learn How to Clean with Kids

If you plan to celebrate National Clean Your Room Day by enlisting the help of your kids, you’re going to need to get creative. The warm spring weather coupled with the fact that school will be out soon means kids’ attention spans might be fleeting.

Fortunately, here at Merry Maids we keep a variety of tricks up our sleeves, from fun cleaning games to rewards you can offer children in exchange for help with the housekeeping. Read all about them here: How to Keep Your House Clean with Kids

Lead By Example

One of the best ways to teach children good habits is to set a good example. Kids are smart, so they’ll toss you a side eye if you’re saying, “Clean up your room!” while standing in the doorway of your own mess. Make it a point to keep your own room neat and orderly, so that your little ones develop good habits. This will also help them see picking up the bedroom as something that everyone does, not just some form of punishment parents dole out on kids to ruin their days.

Create a Routine

If you have a solid room-cleaning groove in place, you’ve fought half the battle. Keeping a tidy room isn’t really a difficult chore. It’s more a matter of taking a little time each day to put things in their place, and to teach your kids to do the same.

Here are some tips on how to keep your room clean on a regular basis so that you don’t have to do a massive deep clean every few weeks.
  • Donate clothes, shoes and accessories that you don’t wear or use anymore.
  • Place soiled clothes in a laundry hamper each evening, not on the floor.
  • Install hooks or hangers for robes, pajamas and so forth to give commonly used items a set place.
  • Organize your nightstand.
  • Return items like books, tablets and magazines to the areas or shelves where they belong when you are finished with them instead of letting them pile up.
  • Keep shoes organized in the closet rather than leaving them all over the bedroom.
  • Place a small waste bin in the corner for tissues and such. Empty this bin weekly.
  • Make sure you’ve included dusting and vacuuming your bedroom in your regular housekeeping routine.
  • Reach out to the cleaning professionals of Merry Maids for some bedroom backup.
And if National Clean Your Room Day has you inspired to surprise mom even more, check out these thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts or treat her to a Merry Maids gift certificate