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Home Cleaning Services in Daphne

Our cleaning professional at Merry Maids of Mobile have decades of experience in the cleaning industry. They have provided unique and customized services to hundreds of homes and apartments in the region while prioritizing exceptional customer service on every job.

Our team provides a range of different cleaning services, including:

Learn more about our maid services in Daphne, by requesting an estimate or calling (251) 272-5515.

Experience the Benefits of Professional Cleaning

To ensure that your home receives outstanding service with every visit, our team members are trained in programs that outline how to clean with excellence. This means carpet is groomed and pattern vacuumed, rooms are cleaned systematically, and personal belongings are treated with care.

Here are some other benefits of hiring professional cleaners in Daphne:

  • Reduced allergies (by reducing allergens)
  • No more losing items in piles of clutter
  • Less stress about the need to clean
  • More free time in your daily routine
  • Easier to prepare for guests and host events
  • Hindering the spread of germs and pathogens

No More Forgotten Areas

Some areas of the home tend to be dirtier than others because they are more easily overlooked. Our professional maids at Merry Maids of Mobile pay attention to detail and take care of common regions where dust and dirt accumulate.

Ceiling Fans

Fans can get very dusty before it is clear they need cleaning. This can lead to embarrassing situations. Nobody wants to turn on the fan and have mounds of dust fall everywhere while guests are visiting.


Baseboards are a common place for dirt, dust, and grime to build up. Even though they can be easy to forget about when they are dirty, cleaning them is a sure way to make a room feel cleaner.

Shower Curtain Liners

While bathroom floors and walls usually receive a good scrubbing, bathroom liners are generally neglected. Our professional cleaning team in Daphne will make sure mildew and pathogens are not building up on your curtains.


There are many reasons why it is important to clean appliances and the areas around them. Food that falls behind or below the oven can mold and begin to stink over time. On top of this, the stains on the surfaces of appliances can become unsightly if left unattended.

Get in touch with our cleaning company in Daphne by calling (251) 272-5515.

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