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Can a Smart Home Help You Save Energy?

There’s a lot of buzz about smart home automation nowadays, and how these little gadgets can transform our home into a well-oiled machine. But what does it actually mean to have a “smart home,” and can it really save you time, money, and energy in the long haul? And is Alexa actually laughing at you, or is it just an unfortunate bug in Amazon’s system? (We definitely prefer to think it’s the latter!)

While not all smart home devices may be worth the high price tag, it’s generally a good idea to invest in a more efficient home – particularly to cut down on the time you spend doing repetitive tasks. From increased home security to eco-friendly power usage, there are dozens of high-tech devices that can make your life simpler, provided you take the time to research carefully.

Here are some of the most common categories of smart home devices, and how they can help you save energy and time.

Smart Speakers and Personal Assistants

At this point, Siri and Alexa are more than just household names: They’re an active presence in our busy lives. Allowing for hands-free internet surfing, these intelligent personal assistants can take commands through a speaker and make household purchases, look up information, or send messages. Although you’ll still need to browse the internet for more intensive research, there’s a reason that over 50 million homes across the world now have a Google Home or Amazon Echo squarely at their center.

Home Security and Camera Systems

Home security systems used to be seen as a luxury for many Americans, but thanks to the smart home movement, they’re accessible to almost everyone. Ring quickly skyrocketed to the top of this category with a series of video doorbells and easy “stick up cams,” all of which allow you to remotely view any passing visitors.

Eco-Friendly Energy Savers

Whether you’re turning on the AC or jumping in the shower, our homes use up a lot of energy from the Earth, even when we’re not aware of it. When you invest in an automated thermostat like Nest or Hive, you can gain more insight into how your energy is being consumed with one click on your smartphone. Some plumbers are even starting to recommend automatic leak detectors like Flo, which allow you to remotely view the water usage in your house and halt the flow of leaks.

Appliance Control Devices

Home appliance fires are incredibly common, but thanks to smart home technology, they may slowly become a thing of the past. With technologies like Whirpool’s 6th Sense, you can easily control washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, and fridges from afar, thus preventing tragic accidents and cutting down on total energy consumption.

Discover More Energy for What You Love

While there’s a dazzling array of smart home devices to choose, they all serve a common purpose: Helping people cut down on excess energy use, both as consumers and as individuals. When you’re not spending your time checking on the oven, worrying about unwanted guests, or ordering detergent, you may find that you have hidden reserves of energy for the things you really care about.

At Merry Maids®, we want to help all of our customers save energy on cleaning tasks, by providing trusted professional cleaning services in a pinch. Even if you’re not a smart home automation whiz yet, we’ll help make your home – and your life – feel a little more polished and efficient. When you’re done with your work day, you’ll get to sit back and relax, knowing that the cleaning is covered.

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