Tidying Up Your Guest Bedroom for the Holidays

guest room with towelsAlong with the promise of turkey and gravy, Thanksgiving brings the possibility of houseguests. Is your guest room ready to welcome friends and family?

The following guidelinesThese guidelines can help you tidy up your guest bedroom — and ensure you don’t miss any steps — so that you have plenty of time leftover to focus on your holiday basting and baking.

1. Clean the Guest Bedroom

Before you show guests where they’ll be staying, you need to make sure the room is clean. Since the guest room isn’t regularly occupied, you’ll want to take a little time to dust bureaus, picture frames, knickknacks, nightstands and headboards. You should also give ceiling fans, baseboards and room corners a pass with a dust mop. Afterwards, vacuum the floor and don’t forget to clean those often overlooked mini-blinds, window treatments and windows themselves.

2. Provide Guests with Clean Linens

The sheets for your guest bedroom may have been in storage for a while, so check them for signs of mustiness. There is a chance you’ll need to launder them again before your visitors arrive. If they seem OK, you can pop them in the dryer on low with dryer sheets or a few tennis balls to freshen them up and remove any creases they might have from being folded and stored so long.

Your duvet cover and comforter may also need cleaning, especially if you have pets who have laid their claim on to the guest room bed. This requires planning ahead, as some comforters or duvets will have to be washed at the laundromat or dry cleaner.

Lastly for linens, you want to offer guests enough towels and wash cloths to last throughout their entire visit. A good rule of thumb is to provide each guest with a clean bath towel, hand towel and wash cloth for every day of his or her stay. If you don’t have a stockpile of guest towels, place a hamper in the bathroom so you can freshen up your guests’ linens as needed.

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3. Make Guests Feel Welcome with a Few Extras

Aside from basic tidying, there are a several ways you can go above and beyond in making your guest bedroom a warm and cozy place for visitors to retire to.warm and cozy.

  1. • Leave coasters and water glasses on a nightstand to prevent guests needing to tromp to the kitchen for a late-night drink.
  2. • Make sure there’s an easily accessible lamp so guests don’t have to fumble their way through strange surroundings at night.
  3. • Completely clear one electrical outlet so that they have a place to charge mobile phones, tablets or laptops.
  4. • Set out a guest basket with travel-sized shampoos, body wash, lotion, toothpaste and other often forgotten necessities such as dental floss, a hair dryer and so forth. You should also make sure there are tissues somewhere in the guest room.
  5. • Think about leaving a few small snacks like granola bars or individual bags of pretzels in the guest basket just in case your guests get a case of the midnight munchies.
  6. • Place a small waste bin in the corner of the room so they don’t have to wander the halls in their pajamas to dispose of tissues or other items.
  7. • Remember that you’ll also need to prepare the guest bathroom before visitors arrive.

It can be stressful both preparing Thanksgiving dinner and getting your guest room ready for loved ones. If you’re feeling the holiday pressure, contact your local Merry Maids office to see what sort of back up they can provide for your guest bedroom or even the entire house. That way, you’ll not only be able to serve your turkey in a clean home, you’ll be relaxed enough to enjoy the meal with your family.